Why is my Laptop so slow?

why is my laptop slow

Laptop has now become a critical device for most office use as well as students for their studies. However, being a machine, the laptop sometimes will not perform on its best performance and also based on the specifications it have.

Based on the specification, the laptop should not have any problem running smoothly but occasionally you will experience your laptop being slow. So, why does your laptop being so slow sometimes? Here are some of the factors.

Running Applications in the Background

First of all, if you have open up an application, it will run on the laptop’s memory. The same goes when you are browsing the internet. All the internet history and cache are saved into the laptop’s memory. As a result, there will be some applications that is running on the background without you even noticing it.

These running applications will eat up your memory and therefore slowing your laptop’s performance. If you are using windows, the best way to know if you have any applications running in the background is by pushing the Alt-Cntrl-Del and choose the task manager.

The task manager will show all the running applications that are using up your laptop’s memory. Simply choose any running programs that you do not want. By doing this, you will free up the laptop’s memory and hopefully the laptop will become fast as normal again. However, if the steps taken does not solve the slow issue, you can always reboot your laptop. This will ensure any running applications in the background be terminated forcefully.

Running Antivirus Program in the background

Sometimes, the main culprit program that slows some of the laptop is the antivirus program. Sometimes, the antivirus program is set automatically to scan your computer for viruses at certain time interval. All you need to check is how frequent the antivirus scan your computer and reduce it or just disable its automatic scanning function.

Other possible program that can slow up your computer is the spyware. A spyware is a malicious program that silently being installed in your laptop to spy on your internet activities and preferences. The spyware normally will run silently at the background and it will take some of the laptop’s memory and the CPU performance. However, this problem can be solved immediately by having a spyware protection program that will remove the spyware from your laptop.