Who invented the iPad?

who invented ipad

Since the first personal computer has been invented, the evolution of personal computers has been steadfast and revolutionary. From the first computer that was invented that was big and bulky and can fit a room, it has evolves now to even fit your lap.

The move towards miniaturizing the desktop computer to the now invented iPad comes from the demand and the need for powerful computing to help with our daily lives. The powerful computing was then shifted from the ability to compute from your desk to now being able to use the computing power while on the move. The iPad can be seen as a revolutionary approach to computing in which it comes in the form of a tablet.

Even though iPad is not the first tablet being invented, nevertheless it became one of the most popular product marketed by Apple Inc. The iPad was designed and invented by Apple Inc. It uses the iOS platform and it was first launch on April 3, 2010 by Steve Jobs.

The iPad was one of the revolutionary product that was invented by Apple during Steve Jobs tenure as the CEO of Apple. Steve jobs have oversaw the development of iPad that started from the iPod and iPhone. He can be credited as the person who spearheaded the invention of iPad as he was the one who is responsible for Apple’s growth with several revolutionary products that was released.

So, to the question of who invented iPad? Basically iPad was designed by Apple’s engineers but the idea and concept behind this great product comes from the visionary of Steve Jobs.

The entire ecosystem supporting the iPad is also one of the brainchild of Steve Jobs in which it sets the direction and trend for others to follow suit. The invention of iPad will be marked as one of the important corner milestone in the world of mobile computing.

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