When is the new iPhone coming out?

For all the die-hard fans of Apple devices must be wondering when the new iPhone will be coming out. Very strong rumors are now circulating that the possible date for the new iPhone coming out is on the 9th September 2014. Apple has already confirm that they are going to hold a big event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The invitation card has been sent out to journalists and stakeholders which stated “Wish we could say more” plus with a printed date of 9.9.2014. This type of marketing gimmick has already been a staple for Apple and this has fuel the strong rumor that Apple is going to launch the new iPhone on that event.

Apple will going to hold that event in the Flint Center for the Performing Arts and looking at the capacity of the venue, it is very likely that the new iPhone is coming out indefinitely and launched by Apple on that day. Another rumor circulating is that Apple is also going to launch iWatch. A smart watch that act as a wearable smart device in which will also support your iPhone.

There is also speculations that Apple will release two new iPhones that will have a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch version. Even though there were speculation that the launch of the new iPhone might be delayed due to a Supply Chain problem, it is now highly likely that Apple will still launched this new iPhone that will also be branded as iPhone 6.

There were also speculations that the new iPhone that is coming out will feature a payment system that utilizes the TouchID fingerprint scanner as introduced in iPhone 5S. So, the question of when will the new iPhone is coming out will be answered on 9th September 2014.