When Does the New iPad Come Out

new ipad

If you are a fan of the iPad, you probably wondering when does the new iPad come out. According to a reliable data, the newest iPad that will be launched by Apple after iPad Air 2 will be iPad Air Plus. It is also rumored to be named iPad Pro. It follows from the successful iPad Air 2 product that was launched last October 22nd, 2014.

One of the unique and powerful feature of the iPad Air 2 is the powerful operating system of iOS 8 and also its retina display coupled with its powerful A8X chip. The rumor launch date for iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro is probably within Quarter 2, 2015.

It is also rumored to be in the form of 12.2 inch and also comes with a stylus as well as keyboard. This added features of the possible iPad Pro is to counter the competition from other tablet devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro. Apple are realizing that consumers are now looking for a tablet that can just not surf the internet and entertainment but also to do some serious work especially word processing. This is where Microsoft Surface Pro has some advantages.

This is due to the fact that Surface Pro has a built-in keyboard. In fulfilling this segment, Apple is probably looking at meeting this demand in 2015 with the launch of iPad Pro. With a slim and sleek design, coupled with a faster CPU, iPad Pro can be a leader in this market provided that it is added with key features such as keyboard and also stylus that makes it attractive for working executives.

The iPad Pro that is estimated to be released in Quarter 2 this year is also built with larger screen and will move closely to the mobile laptop market.