What is RFID Blocking?

rfid blocking

Before we dive into what is RFID blocking, it is important that we know what is RFID technology. RFID or Radio frequency identification is the use of electromagnetic fields as platform for a wireless transfer or emission of data and information. The purpose is either for identification or tracking of physical objects.

The RFID tags or chips stores the information and a RFID reader will receive the data or information either actively or passively. Many banks and also immigration departments around the world have already implemented RFID chips in their cards and also passport due to the huge benefits and wide application of this technology. However, with all new technology comes also the dark side of the technology called the RFID skimming.

RFID skimming is a form of electronic pickpocketing or digital identify theft. It is done by somebody who has an RFID reader and skims through your RFID credit card or RFID passport chip secretly and try to skim off some valuable personal information in your credit card RFID chip. This can be done by placing the RFID reader near enough to your wallet for it to be able to read and receive the data. This information can include your credit card number and also your name.

The RFID reader can also skim your passport data and get valuable information such as your name, address and other important ID. Even though banks and financial institutions now are making the RFID chip harder to skim by encrypting the information, but RFID skimming method can still obtain critical personal information if you are not careful. To prevent this from happening, you can take extra precautions and step by shielding your wallet or your credit card and passport using RFID shielding material.

The shielding works by blocking any radio signals from reaching your RFID chip that is embedded in your credit card or passport. The radio signal can be block by material such as aluminium and metallic foil. A good RFID blocking wallet will have in their lining a RFID blocking material such as this to block any radio signal trying to skim off your credit card data.

As we enter into a more mobile and digital data, it is now more important than ever to protect your personal information from getting to the wrong hands. Any extra precaution will save you costly in terms of financial as well as security of you and also your loved ones.