What is Android Phone?

If you are wondering what an Android phone is, it is basically a smartphone that runs on an operating system called Android. The Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and provides a large ecosystem for any smartphones that uses the system as it is release by Google as an open source license.

It is developed based on Linux kernel and written using the C language. The open source license strategy allows any smartphones manufacturers to use the Android operating system and embedded it into its smartphone product.

Among the well-known manufacturer that uses Android as its operating system is Samsung. Any smartphone that uses Android as its operating system can be call an Android phone or also known as Droid phone.

Just imagine a personal computer in which it needs Windows as its user interface and also operating system, the same concept goes with the Android operating system. The hardware can be different but the various devices can use the same Android version. This allows for the users of the smartphone to have access to the various apps that was and also will be developed to be used for Android operating system.

Android phone primarily is use for smartphones that have touchscreen capabilities. It allows the users to have access to many applications from the Google Store as well as get regular operating system updates from time to time. The Android operating system competes with the iOS. The iOS is basically an operating system for Apple devices that uses closed source and only applicable to Apple hardware’s only.

The iOS also provides the ecosystem for Apple users to access various applications regardless of which Apple devices it is using. By having Android as the operating system in your smartphone, you are basically using the large ecosystem that have many various applications in its database.

It also can be downloaded using cloud services available under Google. Android also allows any programmers who have some programming skills to develop program for the Android operating system. This can be done by downloading the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and any programmer can developed an app and offer it is as free or at a fee.