What is an Android Tablet?

what is android tablet

The Android is a mobile operating platform developed by Google as an open source licensing platform. The Android operating platform is specially designed for any mobile devices manufacturers to incorporate the operating platform to its mobile products.

So, what is an Android Tablet?

The Android tablet is basically a tablet that uses the mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and is designed for touchscreen input by the users and act as the ecosystem provided by Google for all the mobile operating devices that uses the Android as its core operating system. The mobile operating system includes smartphones and also tablets. Therefore, any tablets that uses the Android operating system can also be call the Android tablet.

Some of the famous tablet manufacturers that uses Android as its operating system is Samsung. The Android was previously developed by a company called Android Inc. Google then acquired Android Inc. in August 2005 as part of Google strategy to enter the smartphone market. In competing with iPhone, Google needs a similar operating system as the iOS that functions in iPhone.

However, Google takes a different approach compare to Apple and allowed the Android operating system to have an open source licensing instead of closed system approach as taken by Apple for its iOS. Now, the Android can operate not just in Smartphones but as well as in tablet computers.

Realizing the growth the Android ecosystem has bring into the market, Google is now also expanding the Android operating system in not just tablets but also designed for other various platforms such as televisions through Android TV, cars through Android Auto and also even watches through Android Wear.

By expanding into many mobile platforms, it opens the Android ecosystem to a more diverse range of products and applications. With a larger use of Android devices, it also encouraged more developers to code for the apps in each of the different mobile devices and platforms.