What Does Wifi Stand For?

what is wifi

The Wifi or Wi-Fi has become synonym with the internet age and gadget users nowadays. As people becoming mobile, the wifi has become a standard application for all avid users of smartphones, smart gadgets, laptop and other mobile gadgets.

So, what does wifi stand for? Interestingly enough Wifi is not acronym and basically it stands for nothing. Some common perception is that Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. However, it does not. It has become an IT slang and have been popularly used throughout the world in representing a wireless network.

Wifi or Wi-Fi basically means a wireless network in which instead of using cable to connect your mobile gadgets to the internet, you are using radio waves to transmit and receive data to your mobile gadgets.

With Wifi your smart gadgets are basically connecting to a wifi router. This wifi router is the one that connected to the internet via cable. The router then transmit radio waves that carries and receive internet data to any connecting devices. Some wifi router have secure connection and therefore you need password to connect to the wifi router.

Normally your mobile devices will be able to detect the network of the router and instantly connect to the network once you key in the password. But, in some public places, the wifi is free and can be accessed by anybody. This is sometimes call a free public wifi. You can detect this free public wifi in common places such as the airport, restaurants and also university campus.

So, if you are new to the wireless world, you need to know the symbol of the wifi as it will become extremely useful if you want to stay connected to the internet wherever you go. You can notice the wifi symbol plastered in the walls in certain restaurants and also some places in the airport.