Waze vs Google Maps

If you are an avid user of GPS navigation apps, you probably have heard or also have used either Waze or Google Maps in some point of time. Google Maps is basically a mapping service application that can be used either in desktop and also mobile devices.

It offers many different ways of navigating that includes map images, satellite images, down to the street maps level and also you can even go to a street view images. It also offers the convenience of planning your route either using foot, car or public transportation. Google Maps is also linked to many of its services across its platform such as the Google Earth and also many others.

Waze in other hand is purely a real time navigation app based on live community-based traffic information. You as a user can contribute to the information on roads information as well as sharing traffic updates and in the same time also receives traffic info from other users.

This helps Waze provides you the best alternative route to avoid traffic and also the fastest route for you to arrive at your destination. So, what is the difference between Waze and Google Maps? Just for an update if you do not already knew, Google just acquired Waze last year with a whopping $1.1 billion value of purchase. This now makes Waze a product of Google. Google it seems been using the traffic info generated from the Waze users to better improve Google Maps.

However, the only difference between a user of Waze and a user of Google Maps is that users of Google Maps cannot update live traffic data to Google Maps. Only with Waze you are able to update any recent accidents or traffic buildup. However, this data is being used by Google Maps for their services.

So, if you are on-the-go and really need up-to-date traffic information, Waze is still probably the best application to use as compared to Google Maps. However, in terms of information besides traffic, Google Maps has a lot features that Waze do not have such as satellite images, street views as well as the need to know the nearest atm machines, banks or even petrol stations.

And in terms finding new routes or shortcuts, Waze seems to be providing the info at best here as Google Maps sometimes seems to ignore the little small road that can take you to your destination even faster.