Watch TV on iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad, one interesting you can do with your devices besides playing games or browse the internet, is the ability to watch TV on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, it is true. You can actually watch TV on iPhone. The device can be a good alternative to your TV set if you are out from your house and you need to catch some of your Television program.

The only thing you need is a connection to the internet and with the right apps you are good to go. So, what are the apps? If you are using Sprint as your network phone carrier, Sprint already has Sprint TV in which you can access to popular TV networks such as CBS, NBC and many more.

However, if you are outside US and want to see international channel, netTV is the best app choice to date. What netTV does is they compile all the free and live TV channels all over the world and listed it inside their apps. So, by installing this app you will have access to more than 400 channels give and take. Another interesting free apps that allows you to stream movies directly from your iPhone or iPad is Crackle.

Crackle basically have a collection of television shows and movie from Columbia pictures, Sony Pictures and many more. The good thing about Crackle is that it is free. However, you can still stream television shows and movies even without an app. TV networks nowadays offer free live streaming of their TV programs on the web. The TV network usually offers their live streaming in their website.

So, what you can easily do is to open your web browser in your iPhone or iPad and head to this free live streaming site. Among popular TV network that does stream their TV shows are CBS, ABC, A&E and many more. All you need to have in order to watch TV on iPhone is a fast internet connection. And the good thing is, you can stream for free.