Virtual Reality for Small Business

virtual reality for small business

If electricity gives birth to industry changing appliances such as Television and Radio, the internet will also now gives birth to industry changing application such as Virtual Reality Headwear. The technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have now approaching maturity and the businesses who is investing in this technology now will be the leader of this industry tomorrow.

It is predicted that the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment will be a game changing application that will set a new revolution on how businesses is going to run. Virtual Reality industry is set to grow to a $30 Billion industry by the year 2020. The VR technology has also been brought to a larges masses of audience by the introduction of a low cost VR headset i.e. Google Cardboard (Affiliate Link) by Google.

Small businesses can now leverage on this to create added value for their customers. Here we going to give you a brief background on how virtual reality can change industries and how small businesses can leverage on this game changing technology.

Gaming is the first industry to embrace this virtual reality technology and bring it to the mass. However, due to the high cost of this VR equipment have stop certain people to buy this VR headset to complement their gaming experience. However, as the VR technology starts to take off, the cost of the VR headset will drop further. The introduction of Oculus Rift (Affiliate Link) and HTC Vive is going to set the benchmark for virtual reality gaming.

The only stumbling block to its growth is a steady supply of good and quality game that can be use in virtual reality mode. Sony through its gaming console PlayStation have already introduced a VR compatible version of popular games such as Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV.

The gaming industry has evolved from just a single player to a network of players around the world collaborating to play the game. With virtual reality, small businesses around the world can take the opportunity in creating apps that will support this real-time communication while gamers collaborate to play the games in virtual reality mode.

Another industry that is set to be revolutionised by the Virtual Reality technology is tourism. Travellers now can have a virtual experience of places that they want to visit beforehand. Travellers and also non avid travellers would normally like to plan before the actual visit. This includes looking at the potential visit location and checking out the environment and amenities around.

Travellers can also use Virtual Reality to check out the hotels around them. Basically, virtual reality can help them optimize their travelling plan and at the same time reduce their cost of travelling by planning ahead. Australia have already embraced this virtual reality technology in their tourism marketing. Check this website from Australia that offers people to experience Australia in 360 degrees by using a Google Cardboard.

Real Estate
Buying and selling houses will never be the same again if virtual reality technology is used in this industry. Imagine if you can put on a VR headset and you can take a tour on your possible house purchase. You can check the surroundings and be satisfied before putting a booking for the house. The interesting about this approach is that it is no longer a science fiction.

It is already here as demonstrated by this Youvisit website here. Small businesses who is involved as real estate agents can use this VR technology to attract more potential buyers and sellers of houses and buildings. This new immersion of experience will definitely help real estate agents reach more potential buyers and also potential sellers.

If the Internet have help revolutionize the platform in which people is able to learn, the virtual reality will revolutionize how people can learn. Visualization through not just visual presentation on a computer but also experiential learning will help students to learn much faster and apply it quickly in an actual situation.

Experiential learning will also help current existing professionals to improve and become further competent in their job. Small businesses that focusing on training and capability development can quickly adapt this new method of teaching. As this method is relatively new, companies that embrace the technology early will be the future leader of VR training approach in the future.

Retail shops that either are operating online or offline will benefit also from the VR technology once it reaches the masses. Retail shoppers nowadays is being fed with a lot of information on the products that they want to buy. Products and brands that want to stand out from their competitors needs to add another extra information to the consumers and shoppers.

This advantage can come in terms of giving the shoppers and consumers the virtual experience of their product even before they decided to purchase it. Imagine a buyer that wants to buy a car can actually look in detail from the outside to the inside of the car. The buyer can also see the exact size and spaces in the car and look in details the materials used in the interior of the car. This added information to the buyer will increase the likelihood of them to purchase the product.