Top 7 iPhone Tips and Tricks

iphone tips and tricks

For iPhone users, there are still many functions in the iPhone that have not been used or maximised. The existing functions already embedded in the iPhone already provides some ease of use. However, there are functions that iPhone users are not aware that can simplify the things they do.

Here are the top 7 iPhone tips and tricks that we think will help you and also simplify your life.

1. Take photos while shooting videos

Remember when you are in a perfect or beautiful moment and you are in a dilemma to either take video or capture photo? Well, with iPhone you actually can do both. iPhone provides a button that enables you to capture a photo during your video capturing session.

The button will appear besides the red button during your video capturing session. Therefore you can capture the moment in video format as well as photo. The only downside is that the photo will not be as high quality as your normal photo taken with the photo option settings.

iPhone tips video

2. Convert webpages to PDF for future reading

If you are browsing through the internet using Safari in the iPhone and you come upon an interesting article in a website, you can actually save that webpage into a PDF inside your iBooks for future reading. The webpages can easily be converted to a PDF and you can read it offline when you have more free time. To do that, follow these steps.

iPhone tips and tricks save PDF 1

Step 1
Browse the website using the Safari in your iPhone. If you found any interesting webpages and you decide to save it as PDF for future reading, you can tap the share button below the Safari browser.

iPhone tips and tricks save PDF 2

Step 2
Once the share menu is up, choose the ‘Save PDF to iBooks’ button. iPhone will immediately convert the webpages into PDF. The PDF version is saved into the iBooks and you can read it anytime that you want by opening the iBooks apps.

3. Remind Me Button

When you receive a call by someone and you could not answer the phone at that very moment, you can actually ask the iOS or Siri to remind you of that call. When you receive a call, there is small alarm clock button that shows “Remind Me”. Once you tap on that button you have the option of choosing “When I leave” or in “1 hour”.

The “When I leave” button is when you are at home. It detects your GPS position and reminds you when your location is at home. You also have the option of replying the call by sending message to the caller that you are not available at that time. The message can be by the default reply message or customized message.

Here are the steps if you want to customize the reply messages.

Step 1
To customize the message, go to general settings and select phone

Step 2
Choose the ‘Respond with Text’

iPhone tips and tricks remind button

Step 3
The settings only limits up to 3 default reply messages. Choose one of the default message and replace it with your customized message.

4. Ask Siri to read text to you
If you are unable to read your incoming message, you can actually ask Siri to read out loud your messages. This function becomes handy if you are driving or just for the fun of having your iPhone reading out your text messages. You can also ask Siri to read text in any webpages you are browsing. However, you need to enable this function first in the settings.

Follow these steps to enable the speak function.

iPhone tips and tricks read text 1

Step 1
Go to the General Settings.

Step 2
Once in the General Settings, Select ‘Accessibility’

Step 3
In the Accessibility, choose ‘Speech’

iPhone tips and tricks read text 2

Step 4
In the ‘Speech’, activate the ‘Speak Selection’

Step 5
Once you have activated the ‘Speak Selection’, every time you want Siri to read your text, just highlight the portion of the text and the option for ‘speak’ will be there.

5. Set Custom vibrations to your iPhone

If personalising ringtone for a specific contact person is not enough, you can also set custom vibrations to a contact person. You can set the vibration by tapping onto the screen the rhythm that you want and assign it to a person in your contact.

Therefore, even in a silent mode, you will know who is calling based on the custom vibration. If you want to customize the vibration in your iPhone, follow these steps.

iPhone tips and tricks vibration 1

Step 1
Go to Settings and choose ‘Sound’

Step 2
In the Sound menu, select ‘Ringtone’

iPhone tips and tricks vibration 2

Step 3
Once in the Ringtone menu, choose ‘Vibration’

Step 4
In the Vibration menu, choose ‘Create New Vibration’

iPhone tips and tricks vibration 3

Step 5
iPhone will show you a blank screen in which you need to tap into the screen to create the new rhythm for the customized vibration.

Step 6
Once you created the new vibration rhythm, name and save the new customized vibration. And there you have it, you have created a new vibration for your iPhone. Just select the new vibration as default or assign the new vibration to a specific person in your contact.

6. Get your iPhone to flash if you get a call or message

If the vibration and ringtone is not enough to get your attention, you can also set the iPhone to flash the LED lights whenever you received a call or message. This is particularly important feature if you have put the phone on a silent mode and the phone is not within your holding range to feel any vibration. It also helps you to quickly notice any incoming call or messages.

Here are the steps to activate the LED flash in your iPhone for alerts.

iPhone tips and tricks LED flash

Step 1
Go to Settings and select ‘General’

Step 2
In the General Settings, choose ‘Accessibility’

Step 3
In Accessibility, enable the LED Flash for Alerts. Your iPhone will now flash the LED lights whenever you receive a call or message.

7. Do not disturb mode

Probably there is a time when you do not want to be disturb at all during a meeting or during an important presentation. If you are in this situation, you can actually set the iPhone to a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. When do not disturb mode is enabled, all calls and alerts will be silenced and a moon icon will appear in the status bar.

You can choose also to schedule the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and allocate a certain time for the mode to be on. However, you can set also to allow calls from your favourites contact to be received even when you are on the do not disturb mode.

Follow these steps to enable the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in your iPhone.

iPhone tips and tricks do not disturb

Step 1
Go to Settings. Choose the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button.

Step 2
Once in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ menu, you can set manually or schedule the time you do not want to be disturb. Once in this mode, all calls and messages will be silent. However, you can enable for your iPhone to alert you when calls from your favourite contacts even during this mode is activated.