Top 7 Essential Gadgets for Students

Top 7 Essential Gadgets for Students

If you just become a student or have been a student for a while, you would know that you need gadgets for your daily life. These gadgets are important for you to study and help go through student life. As technology evolves, so does how the educations are delivered.

As a student, you can no longer rely on the traditional notepad, pen and backpack to survive your student life. You need to have the essential gadgets that can make your life a much easier when you are a student.

Here we are going to list down the top seven essential and critical gadgets for students to have.


One main thing that you are going to do as a student is doing assignments assigned by your lecturer. To do and complete the assignments, the laptop is considered as one of the important tools for students. A laptop is also important for studying as it will help you get connected to important resources on the internet.

There are many types of laptop available in the market. It also depends highly on your budget as well. The best laptop for students is the lighter one such as ultra-light notebook that you can carry out to various places without having the burden of carrying the extra kilogram in your backpack. A faster processor and a high storage capacity would also help you to do your assignment on time and deliver quality work to your lecturer.

The criteria that you would want to look in choosing the best laptop for your student life would be

  1. Weight – The lighter your laptop the better. This will give you greater mobility.
  2. Hard drive Storage – The bigger storage the better as you would want to save a lot of files there
  3. Processor – The faster the processor, the better the performance of your laptop)
  4. Robust – You will be bringing your laptop everywhere and therefore you need the laptop to be robust and not easily broken or damaged

In between classes, a student will have some free time to either do some study or complete assignments. However, the distraction from your campus environment would make it sometimes difficult to focus. Therefore, a student needs to have headphone as a way to reduce the distraction of the campus environment.

Some of the criteria you should look for when buying a headphone are:-

  1. Headphones sound isolation – The better the sound isolation the higher the price. If you want total elimination of sound, the noise-cancelling headphone is the best to choose. 
  2. Comfortability – If you are wearing a headphone, you will be wearing for a long duration of time. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the headphone is comfortable enough to fit your ear as well as comfortable for you to wear it around your head
  3. Durability – Besides your laptop, you will also be bringing your headphone almost everywhere. Therefore it is important to have a durable headphone that the cable is reliable and would not break easily

As a support to your laptop, a tablet or iPad would be very useful especially during a classroom session.

It would help a student to easily access study resources via the internet. The advantage of a tablet compared to the iPad is as below:-

  1. Lighter than a laptop – Compared to a laptop, a table would be much lighter to carry on.
  2. Easily to start it up – A tablet or iPad can easily be turned on and ready to use
  3. Easy to use in limited space – If you are sitting in an auditorium setting, you would have less space for your stuff. Therefore, instead of using a laptop that would take up a lot of spaces, an iPad or tablet can be very convenient to use.
  4. Easy to use for discussion – Compared to a laptop, a tablet or iPad can be used as a method of discussion for a study group.
  5. App environment –A tablet or iPad will have an app environment to support its functionality. With that, a student can download and install many apps that can help you in your student’s life and achieving your target.

Another must-have equipment to support your student life is the printer. One of the major thing you need to do in your student life is doing assignments and submitting your assignments to your lecturer.

Normally, lecturers want the assignments to be submitted in hardcopy. Therefore, it is important to have a printer where you can use anytime that you want to print out your assignments.

As a student, you would want to choose a printer that has these criteria:-

  1. Mobility – It is better if you have a mobile printer where you can bring around. Therefore, you can use the printer wherever you want and as a support to your laptop.
  2. Wireless / Network Enabled – It is also better to have a printer that can be connected wireless. This can reduce the need for a cable connector. If you have an iPad, iPhone or MacBook, you can connect your Apple devices via Air print to the printer. There is also another wireless printer that supports other types of laptop. 
  3. Printer Output – It is important also to have a quality printer. This way you can submit a quality assignment to your lecturer. These criteria include the pixel and the quality of the ink of the printer. 


Another important tool that any student must have is the USB flash drive. This small little item is very important as it can help you to transfer files from one laptop to another. Even though some lecturer wants assignment to be delivered as hard copy, some also want it in digital format.

Therefore, the only way to submit in a digital format is either you email it or transfer it using USB. The advantage of using USB is that you can transfer a large size file easily compared to the email method.

  1. Storage size – The storage size of a USB flash drive can range from 1 GB to 1 TB. The bigger the storage the better.
  2. Robust – Not all USB flash drive are created the same. Some can be fragile and will break easily. Make sure to purchase the USB flash drive from a reputed manufacturer or reputed brand.
  3. Transfer rate – One of the criteria you need to look at when you want to purchase the USB drive is the transfer rate. Depends on your usage, some USB has a data transfer rate of 480 megabits per second and some of the latest USB has 4800 megabits per second. The higher the transfer rate, the shorter time you have to wait for the file transfer can be done.

As a student, the more you need to be equipped with gadgets, the more you will require electricity to power up the gadget. As gadget will drain in power as you use it, the best option is to bring a power bank with you always.

As a student, you probably need to be mobile and the lack of power outlet to charge your gadgets will bring you some problems. Therefore, you need to have a fully charged power bank to bring with you.  

Here are some of the criteria you need to look for when choosing a Power Bank

  1. Power Storage Capability – The power storage is measured by milliampere-hour or mAh. The higher the mAh, the more times you can use the power bank to charge your gadgets.
  2. USB port – If you have several gadgets with you that you need to charge, it is better if that power bank has several USB ports. This way you can charge up your gadgets simultaneously  

We save this for last as this one is the most important thing you should have when you are a student. You can survive without some of the gadgets that we list out here, but without a mobile phone, it is hard to imagine how you could survive the student life.

Here we list down how you can use a mobile phone as part of your student life

  1. Use a communication tool with your lecturers – One of the best ways to keep in touch with your lecturer is through messaging. By using a mobile phone, you can instantly be connected with your lecturers.
  2. As a communication platform for your study group – One of the good thing about WhatsApp, Telegram and many others is that you can instantly form a Chat group. With this chat group, you can discuss an assignment or anything related to your study.
  3. As resource tool – Nowadays, your mobile phone is not only for communication. It can also be used as a resource tool for your studies. This can be in the form of internet access or even as Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop.  

So, there you have it – Seven essential gadgets for students in managing their student life. Please leave us a comment on any gadgets that you think should deserve the top seven spot aside from what we have mentioned here.

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