Top 5 Cool Camping Gadgets 2019 (Updated)

top 5 cool camping gadgets
Cool Camping Gadgets 1

If you are outdoor person who likes to camp but also a gadget enthusiasts as well, you possibly be one of that person who likes to bring cool camping gadgets and ideas to your camping activities. These cool smart gadgets for camping activities would definitely enhance your outdoor activity experience and also brings more fun into the experience as well as ease things up.

Below are the top 5 camping gadgets that we think would give you the edge in the camping life.

1. Campstove that generates Electricity

You are now living in era in which Wi-Fi and communication is accessible everywhere including in the jungle or mountain you are hiking. Campers nowadays will bring their mobile devices and gadgets to communicate with friends and update their status in the social media even when there are tracking deep in the jungle. With BioLite Wood Burning Campstove, you are having a cool gadget that can use to burn fire and also recharge your mobile devices at the same time. At a full burn, the campstove can actually boil 1 litre of water in 4 to 5 minutes.

2. Personal Water Filter

If you are hiking or you are camping at a near water stream or river, this LifeStraw personal water filter is amazingly useful as it can immediately filter out 99.9% water borne bacteria and you can just drink the water straight from the river using the straw. So, you would save the hassle of the need to boil the water each time you need to drink. It is very useful if you do not have the tools to make a fire and boil water. With this Lifestraw personal water filter, you can always stay hydrated and be safe at the same time.

3. Portable Shower

Like camping but do not want to bath in the river? You have the option of having a shower just like showering in your bathroom but in the Jungle. Introducing portable shower. Depending on types of portable shower, some of the shower allows you to heat the water using solar or natural heatwave of the sun. Some of the portable shower is design for easy setup and sometimes it is also equip with shower heads and shower tube. If interested to buy, click on this affiliate link here Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

4. Portable Washing Machine

Cool Camping Gadgets

So, if you think of having a portable shower is cool? Introducing the Scrubba portable washing machine. With this portable washing machine, you no need to worry about dirty clothes during your traveling or camping time, you can wash your dirty clothes after hiking with only 6 simple steps. By having this portable washing machine, you can also travel light as you can pack clothing that is necessary only.

5. Solar Charger Bag

If you are looking to tap into the power of the sun to enhance your camping experience, the invention of solar charger bag is definitely for you. Comes with portable design, you can bring this wenger solar charger deep into the jungle or mountain and not worry of your mobile devices or gadgets dies of empty battery life. The solar charger can generate electricity from the sun and recharge your devices using USB connections.

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