Top 3 Ways How to Detect Hidden Microphones

Top 3 Ways How to Detect Hidden Microphones in your room

In this modern day of gadgets now becoming smaller and smaller, that paranoid feeling of someone putting a hidden camera or microphone in your hotel room or even in your home without your consent can be terrifying.

Due to the rapid miniaturisation technology that takes place nowadays, cameras and microphone have become smaller and therefore can be secretly hidden somewhere in your room. By taking precaution over your privacy, you might be giving your future self a favour and avoid any unwanted incidents that can cause danger or embarrassment.

So, here we list down the top 3 ways how you can detect a hidden microphone in your room.


Before using any hack methods to find the hidden microphones, you can do an immediate visual scan across your room. If someone wants to record your conversation secretly, the location of the microphone in the room is essential. It would typically be privately located in a place near to where you usually conduct your conversation. It would also be put in a place where any significant objects do not obstruct it.

how to detect hidden microphones

The best place for a hidden microphone to be hidden is in the middle of a room. So, do a visual scan of any holes that are out of place. Look also at the ceiling. Sometimes, a hidden microphone is placed in a smoke alarm detector. This is due to the strategic location of the smoke alarm would typically be in the centre of the room with no big object blocking it.


If you are using a smartphone, there is a free app out there where they can utilise your smartphone to detect electromagnetic fields. Any hidden microphones will run on electricity and therefore, you can discover the electromagnetic field using this specific app. Another way is to recognise electromagnetic interference utilising the phone’s speaker manually. This can be done by making a regular phone call to your friend.

Use smartphone to detect hidden microphones

Please tell your friend that you are using the call to sweep for hidden microphone or else he or she would be baffled. Whenever your phone speaker is near to a device that emits electromagnetic wave, you will hear an interruption to that call. The signal might be vague but at least enough for you to reduce the perimeter of searching the hidden microphone to a specific part and area of your room.


If the microphone is hidden, it might need a connection to the internet. This is because the person who planted it would want to listen to your conversation in real-time. One of the ways is by connecting the hidden device with an internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Check wifi router to detect hidden microphones

Therefore, the best link for that device would be by using your WI-Fi router. However, you can quickly check for any device that uses your router by login into your router and checks devices connections if you see any unrecognised devices that are logged into your Wi-Fi router that might be a hidden device such as hidden microphone or camera.

However, if you want a proven and effective method of detecting hidden electronic devices is by using an electronic scanner. You can find practical and cheap scanner such as Anti Spy RF Detector Wireless Bug (Affiliate Link). Alternatively, if you want a more professional scanner is Spy Matrix Law Grade Pro-10G (Affiliate Link) at Amazon. This scanner can be used effectively to detect any electronic devices that are hidden in your room.


The first step if you do manage to find a hidden microphone is to take a picture of that microphone and the location where it is hidden. If you see it in your home, you can do a police report. Don’t remove the microphone until the police have come to your house and investigated. If you are in a hotel room or rented room, take a picture of the hidden device first and alert the hotel security.

So, there you have it. Top 3 ways how you can detect a hidden microphone in your room also read our previous article on how to identify hidden cameras in your place. The tips there might be useful as well.

Please leave us a comment on how often you feel paranoid about any hidden devices whenever you stay at a hotel or rented room.