How to Update iOS manually for your iPhone (Simple Steps)

How to Update iOS manually for your iPhone

Apple normally will release the iOS software from time to time for your iPhone.The iOS will normally be automatically be downloaded and installed on your iPhone. However, you can always update your iOS manually instead of automatically done. Here we show you simple steps on how you can manually update your iOS to your iPhone.


  1. TO SAVE YOUR INTERNET DATA COST– IOS update is normally very large in data, and if you set it automatically, your iPhone might automatically download the iOS using the data plan that might be costly for you. By updating the iOS manually you can wait until you have a Wifi connection and download the iOS and not affect your internet data plan cost.
  2. INSTALL WHEN READY – IF your iPhone has limited storage, it might be best you download the iOS once you free up some storage space. This can be done by downloading the iOS manually once you have deleted some unnecessary files from your iPhone.

So, if you are interested to learn how to update your iOS manually, here are the steps.

Step 1

 Go to Settings

Step 2

Tap at “General”

Step 3

Go to “Software Update”

Step 4

If there is a new iOS software released by Apple, it will be shown here. Manually download the iOS to your iPhone by tapping the “Download and Install” here.

Step 5

Before you can download and install the iOs, your iPhone will request your Passcode first for security. Enter your passcode here

Step 6

Tap ”Agree” to agree to the Terms and Conditions first.

Step 7

A pop-up box will be shown. Tap “Agree” to confirm

Step 8

IOS will start to download. Here will show you the estimated time required for the download.

So, there you have it -Simple steps on how you can download and install the iOS for your iPhone manually. Please leave us a comment below on how normally you update your iOS for your iPhone.

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