How to Offload Unused Apps on iPhone (And Save Storage Space)

How to Offload Unused Apps on iPhone

One of the interesting features in your iPhone that can help in saving your storage space is the offloading unused apps on your iPhone to your iCloud instead of it being on your iPhone storage space. Here we are going to show you simple steps on how you enable this option and save some storage space in your iPhone.


Here are some of the reasons why you should offload unused apps on your iPhone:-

  1. TO SAVE STORAGE SPACE – An app will take a lot of space on your iPhone. Therefore, offloading unused apps would help you to save some storage space in your iPhone
  2. ALTERNATIVES TO DELETING YOUR  APPS – Instead of deleting your app one by one, you can choose to make your iPhone detect which apps in your iPhone you do not use often and automatically offload it instead of deleting it. This is beneficial if one day you decided to use the app and it is still there in your iPhone for use and not gone if you choose to delete it.

So, if you are interested to learn how to automatically offload unused apps, here are the steps:-

Step 1

 In your iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

At “Settings”, go to “App Store” here

Step 3

At the “App Store” settings, enable the auto to offload unused apps by enabling this button to green here

Any unused apps will then be offload into your iCloud and no longer occupy any space in your iPhone

So, that is it – simple steps on how you can automatically set your iPhone to auto offload unused apps in your iPhone. Please leave us a comment below if you prefer this option instead of deleting unused apps in your iPhone.

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