How to Turn Your iPhone into a Magnifying Glass (Simple Steps)

How to Turn Your iPhone into Magnifying Glass

If you are having a problem reading small text in your books or newspaper, you can always use a magnifying glass. However, a magnifying glass is not something you will bring with you all the time. Fortunately, the iPhone has this hidden feature of the magnifying glass or the magnifier. By enabling the magnifier, you can turn your iPhone to an instant magnifying glass. Here we are going to show you the steps on how to do just that.


Here are some top reasons why you might be needing the magnifying glass feature on your iPhone.

  1. READING VERY SMALL TEXT – Sometimes even with a perfect vision, there tends to be text that is printed too small for your eyes to read. Here is when the magnifier feature can be very useful.
  2. READING TEXT IN INVERTED COLOR – Magnifier has the option of changing the colour of your text to inverted colour. For example, if your text is in white background, with magnifier you can invert it to black for your easier reading.

So, if you are interested to learn how to use this magnifier feature, here are the steps.

Step 1

In your iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

In Settings, tap at “Accessibility”

Step 3

At Accessibility, tap at “Magnifier”

You will see the Magnifier option there

Step 4

At the Magnifier option, tap the button there to green to enable the magnifier

Step 5

When you want to use the magnifier feature, tap the home button three times rapidly to open the magnifier feature

Step 6

You are now in the magnifier mode

Point your camera screen to the text that you want to magnify

Step 7

Drag this button to the right to increase the magnifying zoom

You can also change the effect of the magnifier for easier reading

You can try the inverted mode

Or, change the colour by changing the background to yellow

So, there you have it – Simple steps how you can turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. Please leave us a comment below on what other uses that you have for this magnifier option.

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