How to Turn Off Typing Sounds on iPhone and iPad

How to Turn Off Typing Sounds on iPhone

If you use your iPhone’s messaging app or any text messaging software, you would notice that typing sound that iPhone has. The typing sound actually tries to mimic how a typewriter back in the good old days actually sound when typing.

Even though the iPhone keypad does not as loud as the actual typewriter, the psychology behind is that you probably feel awkward if there is no sound when you type. However, iPhone offers you several options on how you turn off that annoying typing sound when you type in iPhone and also even in iPad.


In iPhone, the typing sound is called ‘Keyboard Clicks”. Therefore you need to disable this function so that you will never hear that sound again. Here are the steps

how to turn off typing sounds on iPhone 3

Step 1
In your iPhone settings, go to “Sounds”

Step 2
In the Sound settings, scroll down and disable the “Keyboard Clicks”

Once you disabled this, you will no longer hear the clicking sound every time you are typing your text message.


Another simple solution to remove the typing sounds is by muting your iPhone completely. By muting your iPhone, all sounds from your iPhone will be disabled.

You can easily mute your iPhone by pushing the small button at the top left of your iPhone.

How to turn off typing sounds on iPhone 4

Once you push the button, you will see a bell icon with a slash across it appears in your iPhone screen. This means that the sound of your iPhone has been disabled. This also includes the sound of the typing when you are text messaging.

So, there you have it. How you can easily disable the typing sounds from your iPhone. You can also enable the sound back by reversing the steps that been shown here.

Please leave us a comment on whether you are ok with the typing sounds in the iPhone or not. Read also our previous article on how to make your iPhone screen bigger so that you can read more easily.