How to Remove Swoosh Sent Message Sound on iPhone

How to Turn Off Sent Message on iPhone

If you usually use your messaging app or iMessage in your iPhone, you would notice the “Swoosh” sound that the iPhone emits each time you sent a message. That is the default sound for sending messages that your iPhone have.

The “Swoosh” sound can be considered as a classic sound as the sound have been around with the iPhone feature for a while. It is a way for iPhone to notify the user that the sending part of your message has been completed.

However, if you are a bit annoyed by that sound or you do not want the “Swoosh” sound or any sound emitting when you send your message, you can always remove or change the sound settings.

Here we are going to show you four simple steps how you removed that swoosh sound on your iPhone when you sent a message.

How to Remove swoosh sound on iPhone 2

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings

Step 2
In the Settings, go to “Sounds & Haptics.”

How to Remove swoosh sound on iPhone 3

Step 3
In the “Sounds & Haptics” menu, scroll down and go to “Sent Mail.”

As a default, your sent mail sound is set at the classic “Swoosh” sound.

How to Remove swoosh sound on iPhone 4

Step 4
Scroll up and tap the “None” option. By choosing this option, your sent mail will no longer have any “Swoosh” sound or any sound at all.

You can also select other types of sound that are available depending on your preference.

So, there you have it — four simple steps on how you can remove the sent mail sound message. Please leave us a comment on whether you like the sound that iPhone made when you sent a message or not.

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