How to Turn Off Text Message Notification Sound on iPhone

How to Turn Off Text Messaging Sound on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and do not like to silent or mute it, your text messaging feature would emit a sound each time you send or receive messages. This also applies to another messaging app such as WhatsApp. However, you can always opt to mute the text messaging sound even without silencing your iPhone.


  1. FOR FREQUENT USERS – If you are a frequent user of text messaging, there will be a consistent sound when you send and receive that will annoy people around you. If you do not like to mute your iPhone, disabling the sound can be the second-best option
  2. SAVE BATTERY USAGE – Even though the saving of the energy is not much, but accumulatively it can save a certain amount of battery usage if you choose to disable the text messaging sound. 

So, if you are interested to learn how to turn off the sound,

Here are the steps.


Step 1

In your iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

In the Settings, tap “Notifications”

Step 3

In Notifications, tap at “Messages”

Step 4

At Messages settings, tap at “Sounds”

Step 5

Tap at “None” to change the default sound settings

Once you have set it to “None”, you will no longer hear the text messaging sound


Some people not only use iPhone messaging feature to text but they also frequently use WhatsApp as a mean to text people. Here are the steps on how you can also disable WhatsApp text messaging sound.

Step 1

At the “Notifications” settings, tap at “WhatsApp”

Step 2

At the WhatsApp settings, tap at “Sounds”

Step 3

Push the button to the left to change the colour from green to grey

You have now disabled the sound and will no longer hear any text messaging sound on WhatsApp in your iPhone

So, there you have it – Two ways how you can disable the text messaging sound on your iPhone. Please feel free to leave a comment below on what other sounds on your iPhone that you always mute.

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