How to Turn Off Camera Flash on iPhone (3 Simple Steps)

How to Turn Off Camera Flash on iPhone

The flash is the main feature of the traditional camera and also the digital camera. It functions as to brighten up a room so that a beautiful and clear picture can be taken. Your iPhone is equipped with the camera flash so that it can take pictures even when there is not enough light or in a dark room. However, using the flash feature can also be disadvantaged. In this article, we are going to show you how to turn off this flash function when you want to use your iPhone camera to take pictures.


There are many reasons why you would turn off the camera flash. Here are some of the top reasons

  1. TO SAVE IPHONE’S BATTERY USAGE – For your iPhone to beam high intensity of light, it would require a significant amount of power. Therefore, if you use the camera flash often, it will drain your iPhone’s battery even faster
  2. TO MINIMIZE DISRUPTION – The flash from your iPhone’s camera can be very bright and therefore distract people. Therefore, if you want to take pictures of people and the surrounding without disturbing them, it would best to turn off the flash.

So, here are the steps on


How to turn of camera flash on iPhone step 1 step 2

Step 1

In your camera screen, tap the “Flash” icon at the top left here

Step 2

Tap “Off” to disable your camera flash

Once you disable this function, your iPhone will no longer use flash whenever you want to take a picture including when the surrounding is dark

How to turn on iPhone camera flash

Once you disable the flash, you will see this icon on the top left of your camera screen.

Tap at the “flash” icon again if you want to enable it or change the settings


You can also set the settings to “Auto.”

This feature will let your iPhone automatically detect whether to use flash if the room is dark or not use flash if the room is well-lit.

So, there you have it – Simple steps how you can easily disable the flash on your iPhone. Please leave us a comment below on when do you use the flash when you want to take a picture using your iPhone.

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