How to sketch on a Video While You are recording on iPhone

How to Sketch On a Video While Recording on Your iPhone

There is some remarkable editing power you have in your iMessage on your iPhone. Some of the features of the iMessage in your iPhone, it lets you able to sketch a video before you recording or while you recording. Here we are going to show you simple steps on how you can do that.


  1. TO CLARIFY WHAT YOU ARE RECORDING – By sketching on the video, people who are viewing the video would understand what you are trying to record and convey to the audiences
  2. TO TELL A STORY – Sketching will help you more about telling a story about the video.

So, if you are interested to learn how to sketch on a video, here are the steps:-

Step 1

 In your iPhone, go to “Messages”

Step 2

At Messages, tap at the compose new message icon above

Step 3

At the “ New Message”, tap at the heart icon below

Step 4

Tap the video icon here to proceed

Step 5

 A Digital Touch feature is launched. You can sketch before or during recording. Tap the red button there to start recording.

Step 6

 Tap at the colour palette here to choose a colour and start sketching on the video

So, there you have it – simple steps on how to sketch on a video while you are recording using your iPhone. Please leave us a comment below on what other potential usages for this sketching feature.

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