How to Screen Record Your iPhone (5 Simple Steps)

There are many functions included in the latest iOS iPhone nowadays that might be very useful, but we are not aware of. Some of the tasks that might be of interest to iPhone users are the ability to screen record your iPhone screen and transform it into a video that you can later share.

Here we are going to show you the usage of the screen record function and how you can do it in a step-by-step tutorial.


There are many ways you can benefit and take advantage of this feature. Here are some top reasons.

1. To record a Tutorial – If you want to show how specific settings in iPhone can be done step-by-step to someone, the iPhone screen recorder is the perfect tool to do just that. This way you will be able to share a video with him or her over a video.

2. To record Video Call – You can record a video call such as FaceTime call so that you can save that video as a memory or reference. However, for the time being, you can only record the FaceTime call without audio due to legal issues

3. To record a gaming session – You can share tips and strategies of how you play your games in your iPhone. You can then send it as a video to your friends so that they can learn how you did it with your strategies

4. To record videos from Social Media apps – Some social media does not allow you to save videos directly and therefore you can use the iPhone screen recorder to do it. However, due to legal or privacy issues, some app will notify to users that you are screen recording their videos.


So, here are the five simple steps on how you can start screen recording of your iPhone screen.

How to Screen Record Your iPhone 2

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings

Step 2
In the Settings, go to “Control Centre.”

How to Screen Record Your iPhone 3

Step 3

In the Control Centre, tap the “Customise Controls.”

Step 4
In the Customise Controls, scroll down until you find the Screen Recording option. Tap ‘+’ to add that function into your control centre

How to Screen Record Your iPhone 4

Step 5
In your iPhone home screen, swipe up to open your Control Centre. Tap the circle icon there to start recording your iPhone screen. You will be given 3 seconds after tapping that button before the recording begins.

If you want to record the screen with sound, press the circle a bit linger until this screen pop-up. Tap “Microphone On” and Tap “Start Recording”

Once your iPhone screen recording is done, tap the circle icon to stop the record.

All your screen recording video is stored in your Photos Gallery for you to view.

So, there you have it. The five simple steps on how you can screen record your iPhone screen. Please leave us a comment below on what other things that you do that involves using this iPhone screen recorder.

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