How to Schedule and Optimize Battery Charging on iPhone

How to Schedule and Optimize Battery Charging on iPhone

Good news for iPhone users who likes to charge their iPhone while they sleep at night. If you have updated to iOS13, your iPhone now will learn the user’s charging behaviour and will automatically schedule your charging so that you would not overcharge your iPhone’s battery. This is a neat function where iOS applies a bit of Artificial Intelligence in learning your behaviour and optimize it according to your needs.


SHORTEN YOUR BATTERY’S LIFE SPAN – When you overcharge your battery, it will unnecessarily create power load burden to your battery. This in the long term will damage your iPhone’s battery.

REDUCE POWER CONSUMPTION – When you overcharge your battery unnecessary, you would waste your electricity as your iPhone no longer needs the required electricity. However, the electric will still flow in a small amount to your iPhone until you pull off the plug

AVOID SHORT CIRCUIT – When you buy a cheap power cable, there is a high possibility that your cable is not made with high-quality material. By overcharging using this cable, you increase the chance of the cable getting heat to high temperature thus can cause a fire.

So,  if you are interested to learn how to optimize your battery charging, here are the steps.

Step 1

In the iPhone home screen, tap “Settings”

Step 2

In the Settings, go to “Battery”

Step 3

In the Battery section, scroll down and tap “Battery Health”

Step 4

In Battery Health, tap “Optimised Battery Charging”

Once this is enabled, your iPhone will learn your daily charging routine

Once your iPhone is charged at 80%, it will wait to finish charging to 100% until 2 to 3 hours before you want to use your iPhone.

For example, if you normally charge your iPhone at night when you sleep, it will only charge your battery up to 80%. It will then stop charging even though your iPhone is connected to your power charger cable.

So, if you normally get up at 6 AM and unplug your iPhone charger, your iPhone will only start charging back at 5 AM.

This way, your battery health is better protected from overcharging. Overcharging can lead to the degradation of your battery life.

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can optimize your iPhone’s battery charging. Please leave us a comment below on what time do you normally charge your iPhone’s battery.

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