How to Remove Location Data from Photos in iPhone

How to Remove Photos Location Data on iPhone

Due to the GPS chip embedded in your iPhone, the geolocation of your iPhone can be tracked using many apps and features in iPhone. One of the features that utilize the geotag location is the iPhone’s camera. By using the geotag info, iPhone can include the location into the photos that you captured using your iPhone’s camera. Therefore, you can see where are the location of the photos that you have taken on a map.


There are many reasons why you should disable the location data on your photos. Here are the top reasons

PRIVACY – Probably there is no reason to worry about the location data in your photos, however, some people prefer to keep the privacy of their lives. For example, the location data might show your house, kid’s school or where you work. This can be considered as an intrusion to your privacy if the pictures are circulated.

SECURITY – You also need to consider the worst-case scenario. Any pictures taken at your home can be dangerous as it provides the exact location to your home through the location data. This would be dangerous if the pictures fall unto the wrong hand.

So, if you are interested to know how to disable or remove the location data, here are the steps.


Step 1

In the iPhone home screen, tap “Settings”

Step 2

In the Settings, go to “Privacy”

Step 3

In Privacy settings, tap “Location Services”

Step 4

In the Location Services, tap “Camera”

Step 5

In the Camera section, tap “Never”

This feature will disable your camera ability to include data location in any of the photos that you captured using your iPhone

However, if you are only interested to remove the location data on certain photos that you take, you can also do just that. Here are the steps.


Step 1

In the iPhone home screen, tap “Photos”

Step 2

In the Photo album, choose which photo you want to share with other people

Step 3

Tap the share icon below

Step 4

Tap the “Options” function above the photo

Step 5

Disable the location Data by tapping this button to the left

Step 6

You can then send the photo to your contacts.

The photo will not have any location data embedded in it

So, there you have it – two simple ways how to remove or disable the geotag location data on your photos. Please leave us a comment below on what are the other reasons that you may have on wanting to remove the location data.

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