How to Recognize Songs Using iPhone (5 Simple Steps)

How to Recognize Songs Using iPhone

If you suddenly hear a song that is playing in the background and you want to know what song is that, you can use your iPhone to help recognize the title of the song and who is singing it. Here we show you simple steps on how you can activate this feature so that in the future, you can easily recognize any songs that you are hearing in the background.


Here are some of the reasons why people use the iPhone to recognize songs.

  1. YOU BRING YOUR IPHONE EVERYWHERE – Sometimes when you are out, and you hear this song either playing on your car radio or a shopping mall and you found it interesting, your IPhone that will always be with you can be very handy as you can use your iPhone immediately to help recognize the song
  2. HELP YOU TO REMEMBER – Sometimes, you probably have heard the song before, but you probably have never bothered to know the title of the song and the artist who is playing it, so the iPhone is a good tool to use to help you remember the catchy song you keep hearing in the radio.

So, if you are interested to learn how to recognize songs using your iPhone, here are the steps.


When a song you want to recognize is plating in the background, just say to Siri..”Siri, can you recognize this song?”

Siri will then analyze the song and give you the title of the song immediately. Make sure the song is playing in the background


Step 1

In your iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

At your iPhone settings, go to “Control Centre”

Step 3

At the Control Centre, tap the “+” button beside the “Music Recognition” to add this function to your Control Centre

Step 4

Swipe up on your iPhone screen to see the control centre. You will see the Shazam as the music recognition feature shown here

Step 5

If a song is playing on the radio or TV and you want to recognize it, tap the Shazam button and put your iPhone close to the sound

You can also use the feature to recognize songs in your iPhone songs library. In your iPhone, tap at the “Music” app here

Choose the song you want to recognize in your iPhone Songs library

Open the Control Centre and tap the Shazam button. The result will be shown above here

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can recognize a song using your iPhone. Please leave us a comment on how often you would use this interesting feature.

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