How to Print Photos Directly From Your Phone (It is Easier Than You Thought)

Ever have that moment that you just downloaded a report using your smartphone and have the urge to print out immediately? Fortunately, with current technology, you can just do that. There is no need anymore for you to transfer the file you downloaded using your smartphone to a computer or laptop just to print it out. With certain settings and adjustment, you can immediately print a document straight from your Smartphones.

So, here are the ways on how you can print directly from your phone.


iPhone has already incorporated the method on how you can directly print from any Apple devices. It is called Airprint. Before you can do this, you need to have AirPrint enabled printers. Most of the latest branded printers in the market are AirPrint enabled printers. Read our previous article on how to use AirPrint. To check on the specific printers model list you can go check Apple support at this link — >

So, how do you print using your iPhone? Here are the steps

how to print from your phone 4

Step 1
Open iBooks app on your iPhone. Most saved document in iPhone is saved in iBooks as PDF format.

Step 2
After opening the document, tap the icon above where it has an arrow pointing upward in a box.

how to print from your phone 5

Step 3
iPhone will then show you several options on what you can do with the pdf file. Look for the printer icon and tap there

Step 4
Select the printer. iPhone will automatically detect any nearby AirPrint enabled printer in this option.


If you are using an Android-based phone, you can also print directly from your phone by using the Google Cloud Print. Most modern printers are Google Cloud Print enabled. However, you can check whether your printer is enabled by checking on the list of printers here 

Here are the steps on how you can connect your existing printer to the Google Cloud Printer.

how to print from android phone 7

Step 1
You can connect your printer by using Google Chrome. Open your Google Chrome and tap at the three dot at the far right above the browser

how to print from android phone 8

Step 2
You will then be shown several options menu. Find “Settings” and then after clicking on the Settings, choose “Advanced” at the below of the menu

how to print from android phone 9

Step 3
At the Advanced Settings, scroll down until you see the option for “Google Cloud Print”

how to print from android phone 10

Step 4
At the “Google Cloud Print”, you can add your printers there. Once you saved your printer, you can access your printer via any Android devices as long as you are log into your Google account.

So, there you have it. Some of the steps you can take to print directly from your Smartphones. Please leave us a comment on what documents you normally print directly from your smartphones. Please check also our previous articles on how to keep your gadgets safe and secured.