How to Print from iPad without Airprint Printer

Airprint ipad printer

iPad has fast becoming an essential item for many people who uses it not just for entertainment but as well as for office works and businesses. As iPad has become an alternative to laptops and also desktop, the need to print direct from your iPad has become a necessity.

People nowadays even have mobile printer along with them in case if they need to print from their mobile devices. You can learn how to print from iPad from this previous article ‘How do I Print from my iPad’ and also ‘How to set up Airprint’. These articles will show you how to print from your iPad using the Airprint technology in which Apple have developed to create a seamless environment for printing documents or any files from your iPad and also iPhone.

However, if you already knew how to print using the Airprint, the next issue that will arise is whether you can print from iPad without the Airprint printer in your network? So, if you find that your printer does not support Airprint technology, you still can print from your iPad or iPhone by downloading certain app from the Apple store. Do not worry as these apps are mostly free as it is provided by almost all the major printers readily to be downloaded.

Once downloaded, this app will enable your iPad as well as iPhone to detect the selected printers as long as it is within the same network as your iPad or iPhone. Some of the apps can be found easily in the Apple store. However, for some printer manufacturers, there will be a dedicated app that can be used specifically for a specific printer.

This simple but yet effective technology enables people to live as mobile as they can and in the same utilizes the Wireless connection that is available at your home as well as at your office.