How to Make a Non-Smart TV become a Smart TV (And Connected to the Internet)

Transform non smart tv to smart tv

Most of us will now purchase a smart TV as nowadays most applications and streaming services can be connected to the smart TV. So, if you have an old CRT television, it might be obsolete technology compared to the current TV. However, do you know by just buying certain tools, would allow you to transform your old non-smart TV into a smart TV as well? You can connect your old Tv to the internet and start streaming Netflix or watch YouTube there. Here we are going to show you what are the tools needed and the steps required in transforming your old non-smart TV into a Smart TV.


There are many reasons why you should use a non-smart TV, here are some of the top reasons:-

  1. RECYCLE OLD TV – If you are one of those who still have their old CRT TV lying around, instead of throwing it away, probably it is best you transform it into a smart TV and use it instead of throwing it away.
  2. CHEAPER TO USE – Instead of buying an expensive flat smart TV, it would be cheaper if you just use your old TV and transform it into a Smart TV instead. This way you would save the extra cost of buying a new TV.

So, if you are interested in transforming your non-smart TV into a smart TV, here are the steps:-

First, you need to have an ,AV to HDMI Converter (Amazon affiliate link) as shown here (Below are Amazon link affiliate with affiliate commission)

Get also an Audio Visual Cable orAudio Video RCA Cable (3-RCA – 12 Feet (Amazon Affiliate link)

Get also an Android TV Stick like Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV (Affiliate link) as shown here (Below are an Amazon Affiliate link with affiliate commission)

Once you have gotten all these components ready, you are ready for the next step

Step 1

Go to your non-smart TV and identify where is the AV point

Step 2

Plug one point of the AV cable into your non smart TV

Step 3

Plug the other point of the AV cable into the AV HDMI converter

Make sure all the AV cable connections are secure

Step 4

Connect the Android TV Stick HDMI cable to the AV HDMI converter as shown

Step 5

Turn on the Android TV Stick and search for an internet network to connect to

Step 6

Select your home Wi-fi internet network

Step 7

Enter your Wi-Fi password

Step 8

Wait until it is connected successfully

Step 9

In your Android TV Stick interface, install a TV streaming apps such as Netflix or Disney+

Step 10

And start watching the internet streaming video on your non-smart TV. Enjoy!

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can make a non-smart TV into a smart TV. Please leave us a comment below if you do have your old TV still lying around somewhere.

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