How to Enable and Disable Screen Recording on iPhone

How to Disable Screen Recording on Your iPhone

The screen recording option has always been a function of the iPhone for a while. However, not many people are aware of this function and what is the usage of it. With screen recording, you can actually record whatever that is showing in your iPhone screen and save it as a video. Here we are going to show you simple steps how you can enable and also disable the screen recording option in your iPhone.


Here are some reasons why people disable their screen recording capability on the iPhone.

  1. STORAGE SPACE – Screen recording can take a lot of space in your iPhone. Therefore, if you share your iPhone with someone else who likes to record games or their social media live, it will take up a lot of your storage space
  2. PROTECT PRIVACY – If you share your iPhone with someone else, you also do not want them to be recording while the are recording someone else’s video teleconference via FaceTime or other video conferencing app.

So, if you want to learn how to enable and disable the screen recording, here are the steps.


Step 1

In your Control Centre Customise settings, add “Screen Recording” by tapping the “+” button there

Step 2

You can start recording your screen by tapping the circle button there in your Control Centre


Step 1

In your iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

In Settings, go to “Screen Time”

Step 3

At “Screen Time” settings, tap at “Content & Privacy Restrictions”

Step 4

At “Content & Privacy Restrictions”, tap at “Content Restrictions”

Step 5

At “Content Restrictions”, tap at “Screen Recording”

Step 6

At “Screen Recording”, tap at “Don’t Allow’

So, there you have it – Simple steps how you can be turned on and turned off your screen recording capability in your iPhone. Please leave us a comment below on what other things that you use for screen recording.

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