How to Edit and Delete Contacts on iPhone

How to Edit and Delete Contacts on iPhone

If you have been using the iPhone for a while, you would have been collecting contacts details over time. At some point, your contact address book would be full of people who would you not even remember anymore or have any contact in real life. That is why at some point in time, you need to delete some of the contact details in your iPhone.


There are many reasons to re-organize your contact details, here are some of the top reasons:-

  1. TO REMOVE CONTACT REDUNDANCY – Some of your contact details might be redundant as you might two to three entry of a contact based on the same person
  2. TO REMOVE PEOPLE THAT IS NO LONGER RELATED TO YOUR CURRENT LIFE – Your contact details might consist of former persons in your life. It might be your former boss or former colleague. By deleting these contacts, you are re-organizing the contact details to fit with your current life.
  3. TO GIVE YOUR IPHONE TO OTHERS – When you pass your iPhone to somebody else, it might be a good idea to delete your contacts. This is to avoid your contact details being misused by the person that you gave your iPhone to.

So, if you are interested to learn how to re-organize and delete the contacts in your iPhone, here are the steps

Step 1

In your iPhone, find the “Contacts” icon. It comes pre-installed

Tap the “Contacts” icon to enter the phone contacts book

Step 2

Find and tap at the contact name that you want to edit or delete

Step 3

In the Contact person’s detail, tap “Edit”

Step 4

Here you can edit the details of the contact such as the Name, Phone number and other details

However, if you want to delete the contact, scroll down below

Step 5

At the bottom of the contact details, tap “Delete Contact”

Step 6

Tap “Delete Contact” to confirm

Once deleted, you will not able to retrieve the contact details back

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can edit and delete contacts in your iPhone. Please leave us a comment below on how often do you delete redundant contacts in your iPhone.

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