5 Steps on How to Change Your Wi-Fi Username

How to Change Your Wifi Username

If you have a personal Wi-Fi network, you probably have the privilege of accessing the settings of your Wi-Fi. However, for some people, Wi-Fi usually is set up by a technical person from the internet provider. Therefore, the username that was set for the Wi-Fi network might not be favourable to you some time.

However, it is quite easy actually to change the Wi-Fi username if you don’t like it. You can also change it frequently as well to avoid any intrusion from outside into your home wireless network.

Please note that the step and pictures shown below are based on D-Link Wi-Fi router. However, the basic settings are mostly the same for most of the Wi-Fi router in the market.

Here are the five simple and easy steps on how you can change your Wi-Fi username

Step 1

Open your internet browser. Make sure that your computer is connected to your Wireless network. Open your internet browser and log into your router by typing in the URL of your browser.

A different router might have a different IP. Check the label below your Wi-Fi router to know the IP to your Wi-Fi router.

Step 2

You will then need to insert your Wi-Fi password. If this is your first time accessing your Wi-Fi router and never change the password, the router might have the default password.

Check again in the label below your Wi-Fi router. It will show you the default password. Type in the password to access your router from the browser.

Step 3

Once you are log into your Wi-Fi router, click at the Settings

Step 4

At the Settings, click at the “Wireless.”

Step 5

At the Wi-Fi name (SSID), change your username there. Click, save once done.

This will change your username as well as your Wi-Fi name. Other who logs in will see the name that you set as your Wi-Fi network.

So, there you have it – Five simple steps on how you can easily change your Wi-Fi username. Please leave us a comment below on how frequent you change your Wi-Fi username.

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