How to Create Shortcut to Apps using Back Tap

How to create shortcut to app using back tap

iPhone has introduced the shortcut apps as the default iPhone app on September 19, 2019, during the launching of iOS13. However, not many people are aware of this amazing app where you can also link any shortcut you created to the back tap function on your iPhone. Therefore, you can immediately launch any apps on your iPhone by just back tapping your iPhone. Here we are going to show you the steps to do that.


Here are some of the reasons why you should create a shortcut to apps on your iPhone:-

  1. FASTER APP OPENING – By having a shortcut to your app, it would fasten the ability of you opening a certain app by just back tapping instead of scrolling through your iPhone to find that particular app
  2. TIME-SAVING – Instead of opening an app using a back tap, you can also include a shortcut to a particular function on the app. Therefore it would make your life easier and time-saving.

So, if you are interested to learn how you can create a shortcut to apps using a back tap, here are the steps.

Step 1

In your iPhone, tap at the apps called “Shortcuts” as shown here

Step 2

In the Shortcuts apps, tap the “+” button above and tap the “Add Action” here to create a new shortcut

Step 3

At the “New Shortcut” menu, tap “Add Action”

Step 4

At “Add Action”, tap at “Apps” here

Step 5

Choose the App here that you want to shortcut to

Step 6

Tap the action button here for the shortcut

Step 7

 Put a label name on the new shortcut here

Your new shortcut will be shown listed here

Step 8

At your iPhone, go to Settings

Step 9

In “Settings”, tap at “Accessibility”

Step 10

At “Accessibility”, tap at “Touch”

Step 11

At “Touch” settings, tap at “Back Tap” down below here

Step 12

At “Back Tap”, tap at “Double Tap” here

Step 13

Go to the “Shortcuts” section below and choose the shortcuts to your selected apps here

So, that is – it – Simple steps on how you can create a shortcut to apps using back tap. Please leave us a comment below on what other apps you would like to create the shortcut with using back tap.

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