How to Create Google Meet (Arrange a video conference meeting)

How to Create a Google Meet Session

Formerly known as Google Hangout, Google have rebranded the Google hangout to Google Meet as a way to get more people to use these virtual conferencing tools due to the current pandemic we are currently facing. As more and more people are searching for cheaper and easy to use virtual conference tool, more people will start to opt for using Google Meet. Google Meet has grown in popularity nowadays as more people are working from home and having a remote and virtual meeting is the only alternatives from having a face to face meeting. In this article, we are going to show you the simple steps on how to set up a Google Meet session if you are a beginner to this platform. Here are the steps.


IT IS FREE TO USE – So far, as of date, Google has not been charging yet people to use Google Meet unlike other video conferencing tools out there in the market. Therefore it is free to use and therefore creates easier access to many people.

EASY TO USE – Because it uses the Google platform, many people will find it easier to access as well as easy to use. Therefore, many participants joining the Google Meet will immediately able to use the platform and join the virtual meeting on Google Meet.

So, if you are interested to create and organize a virtual meeting using Google Meet, here the simple steps.

Step 1

Go to

Or, you can log into your Gmail, click at the Google Meet section on the left window of your Gmail account. Click at “ New Meeting” if you want to host a meeting.

Step 2

At the Google Meet website, make sure you are logged into your Google account here

Step 3

At the Google Meet website, click on the “New Meeting” button here to host a meeting

Step 4

You can either set a virtual meeting instantly or set a meeting for later here

Step 5

A Google Meet link will be generated here. Copy the link here

Step 6

Or, you also just add others to the virtual meeting by clicking the “Add other” button

Just make sure the person you inviting have a Google account and is currently online

Step 7

Once you copied the Google Meet link, email the link to your invited participants.

If you are hosting the meeting and setting the meeting at a later date, during that date and time you need to join the meeting earlier before the schedule and time and be responsible to press the admit button every time a participant is requesting to enter the virtual meeting.

So, there you have it- Simple steps on how you can create a Google Meet session. Please leave us a comment below on what other video conferencing tools that you used besides Google Meet.

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