How to Create, Edit and Delete Your Own Memoji on iPhone

How to create, edit or delete memoji on iPhone

In 2018, Apple introduced a feature called Memoji. Memoji allows you to create a profile avatar that can be customised to look like you. Memoji can represent you in your Apple ID and also in your message. Memoji is similar to the emoji that you are used to but it is unique to the iPhone users.


Memoji offers a fun way on how you can digitally show your personality. The memoji is not just a graphical representation of yourself. It can also be customised to show your emotion and facial expression. This can be conveyed to your friends and families using your iPhone.

It is also a creative way of creating not just a memoji for yourself, but also you can help create different kind and type of memoji. It depends on your creativity.

So, if you are interested to learn how to create a memoji, here are the steps.


How to create Memoji on iPhone step 1 step 2

Step 1

In your iPhone, go to “Messages”

Step 2

Tap the “New Message” button here

How to create memoji on iPhone step 3 step 4

Step 3

In the message, tap the “Emoji” icon here

Step 4

Scroll to the left until you see this three-dot icon. Tap the “three-dot” icon

How to create Memoji on iPhone Step 5 Step 6

Step 5

Tap “New Memoji”

Step 6

Create your Memoji by customising its appearances

However, if you feel bored with your Memoji and you want to edit or delete it, you can do that also.

Here are the steps.


How to edit or delete memoji on iPhone

Step 1

In your “New Message” under the emoji section, tap the three-dot icon when you swipe to the left

Step 2

You can choose to either Edit, Duplicate or Delete your Memoji here

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can create a memoji and also how to edit or delete it. Please leave us a comment below on how many Memoji you have created and how do you use it.

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