How to Connect MacBook to TV

macbook tv

A MacBook is a laptop developed by Apple and have become a well-known popular brand from Apple besides the famous iPhone, iPod and iPad. MacBook can be used for word processing activities for office works as well as entertainment purposes such as listening to music or watching movies.

The MacBook offers a bigger screen if compared to other Apple devices such as iPhone and also iPad. However, if you want a bigger screen to portray what is being displayed in your MacBook screen, you can always connect the MacBook to your TV.

So, how do you connect the MacBook to TV?

First of all, you need the connection cable to connect the MacBook to a TV. You can either use a HDMI adapter cable or you can use wireless connection depending on what type of MacBook that you have. Depending on whether the MacBook is the latest version or before 2010, you need to have a different type of HDMI cable.

This is because you will need an audio cable to support the HDMI cable for the TV to receive audio input from the MacBook as well. You can purchase this cable at the nearest authorized Apple store as well as can it can be bought online at Amazon. However, if you own an Apple TV, there is no need for the HDMI cable as the MacBook have the option to connect with the TV using wireless connection.

The connection is done by transferring data of video feed, images and audio from the MacBook to your TV using your own Wi-Fi connection in your home or office. Once the MacBook is connected to the TV, you can also browse the internet and let it being displayed in the TV. You can also open websites that offers video streaming such as YouTube. By having a bigger screen, you can experience a better entertainment experience.