5 Simple Steps How to Check Your iPhone Manufactured Date

How to Check iPhone Manufacturing Date

If you just bought your iPhone or having one for some time, it might sometimes occur to you whether the iPhone you got is new or not. Even though you just bought your iPhone this year, you might want to be curious to know whether your iPhone has been manufactured several years before. This is mainly for people who bought the previous version of iPhone and not the latest one. By checking your iPhone manufactured date, you are able to determine your iPhone’s age as well. It is important that you know your iPhone age if you have purchased your iPhone as a second hand item.

Sometimes, it is also good to know your iPhone’s manufacturing date so that you would avoid having purchased a refurbished iPhone disguised as a new iPhone. There are several ways how you can check your iPhone’s manufacturing date. However, for this article, we are going to show you the most straightforward way how you can check the year without having to rely on third parties to check.

Here are the five simple steps how you can check your iPhone manufacturing date.

How to Check iPhone Manufactured Date

Step 1

In your iPhone, go to Settings

Step 2

In the Settings, go to “General Settings.”

How to Check iPhone manufacturing date

Step 3

Once you are in the General Settings, tap “About”. It is the first section above your General Settings

Step 4

In the “About” section, you will see all the information about your iPhone. However, most of the data is not relevant if you want to know your iPhone manufacturing date.

 if you want to know the iPhone manufacturing date, you need to scroll down and check out the “Serial Number.”

Step 5

Your serial number will consist of 12 digit numbers. Each number represents specific information about your iPhone. The fourth character in your iPhone serial number represents the manufacturing date. Here you need to cross-reference with the list here.

For example, if the character is “V“, the iPhone manufacture date is 2017, the second half of the year.

How to check iPhone manufacturing date

Check out the picture above to cross reference your iPhone serial number.

So, that’s it — 5 simple steps how you can check your iPhone manufacturing date and have that peace of mind. Please leave us a comment below on how you interpret your iPhone serial number.

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