How to Add Website to iPhone Home Screen

Did you know that you can actually put a website shortcut on your iPhone home screen? Therefore, no need to install an app or open up the Safari to go to your website on your iPhone.

By doing this, you can actually save some time and also some space. This is because some website does offer an app as an option for you to browse their website.

Create website shortcuts in your iPhone screen 3

Even though the app sometimes offers more services and functions, people sometimes just prefer to visit the website only as to read and browse information. Fortunately, the iPhone does have the function of making a shortcut of your favourite website into your home screen. And it is simpler than you think.

Here are the 4 simple steps on how you can make your favourite website turn into a shortcut icon on your iPhone home screen.

How to create website icon in your iphone 4

Step 1
Open your iPhone and tap on the Safari to browse the internet

Step 2
Type in the URL of your favourite website and wait until the website is fully loaded. Tap the icon below here that shows an upward arrow in a box.

create shortcuts in your iphone 5

Step 3
A menu will scroll up. Scroll the second-row menu to the left. Try to find the “Add to Home Screen” icon. It is the plus icon in a square box. Tap that icon

Step 4
A menu will be shown. You can rename the website shortcut name of you can just let the default name be the shortcut name

create shortcuts in home screen 6

And you are done. The shortcut icon will be shown on your iPhone home screen. However, please note that some website may do not have an icon. The website that does not have an icon will appear as a white square like this shown.

So, there you have it. 4 simple steps on how to put your favourite website shortcut in your iPhone home screen. Don’t forget to read our previous article on how to make your iPhone app icon bigger.