How to Access Notes from Lock Screen on iPhone

How to Access Notes from Lock Screen in iPhone

The Notes app is one of the important apps on your iPhone. It is a simple and powerful app that you can use for many reasons. One of its application is for you to jot down ideas or notes that you have while you are doing your daily activities.

However, opening the notes app requires you to unlock your iPhone and search for the notes app first. Fortunately, the iPhone has a shortcut to this. You can immediately open your Notes app even when your iPhone is locked.


  1. TO JOT DOWN IDEAS QUICKLY – Sometimes, ideas come and go. Since you bring along your iPhone around with you, it is the best tool to quickly capture your ideas. With the shortcut to your notes app, you can immediately access your notes quickly and bypass the unlock
  2. TO REFER IMPORTANT NOTES QUICKLY – Notes app is one of the best places to remind you of important notes. By accessing your Notes app, quickly, you can refer to important notes on facts and statistics during a meeting or during a conversation with somebody
  3. TO SCAN DOCUMENTS QUICKLY– Your Notes app can also be used to scan documents. You can quickly any documents quickly and convert it into pdf.

So, if you are interested to learn how to access notes from the lock screen, here are the steps

How to Access Notes App from Lock Screen

Step 1

In the iPhone, go to “Settings”

Step 2

In the Settings, go to “Control Centre”

How to Access Notes App from Lock Screen 2

Step 3

In the Control Centre, tap “Customise Controls”

Step 4

In Customise, tap “Notes” to add it to the control centre display

How to Access Notes App from Lock Screen 4

Step 5

Go back to “Settings”. Scroll down and tap “Notes”

Step 6

Scroll down, tap the “Access Notes from Lock Screen”

How to Access Notes App from Lock Screen 5

Step 7

In the “Access Notes from Lock Screen”, tap “Always Create New Note” or “Resume Last Note”

For security reason, you might want to choose “Always Create New Note” instead of “Resume Last Note”. This is to avoid other people who have access to your iPhone physically would be able to see your last note that is written in your Notes app.

Step 8

In your iPhone home screen, swipe up to open the control centre

How to Access Notes App from Lock Screen 6

Step 9

Your control centre menu will appear. Tap the “Notes” icon below to launch your Notes app

Step 10

You can then type your notes directly to the Notes app

So, there you have it – simple steps on how you can quickly access your Notes app. Please leave us a comment below on what other notes app function that you normally use.

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