How Does Wireless Charging Works?

If you are an avid user of smart gadgets and electronic devices, you will probably got use to the daily routine of charging your gadgets and devices using the normal power adapter. As most of this smart gadgets runs on battery, there is a need for constant recharging for a full daily use without interruption.

The normal power adapter to recharge the devices would need a power socket as well as connection cable from your device to the power socket. Therefore, during charging, your mobile gadget and device becomes immobile as it needs to be in a fix position for a certain duration of time. There is also the problem of wear and tear of the power cable in which it needs to be replaced once it reaches its limit.

With the invention of wireless charging, the devices still needs to be in a fix position for a certain period time but the degree of moving flexibility is increase. So, how does wireless charging works? Wireless charging or also known as inductive charging uses electromagnetic field to transfer the energy from an electrical power outlet to your battery’s device.

It uses the magnetic induction technique in which the power is transferred using magnetism instead of using a power cable. The battery’s gadget or device must also have a special coil in order to receive the energy transmitted using magnetism.

A charging station must be set in which this charging station is connected to your power source or power outlet. Any devices that you put inside this area of the charging station will instantly receive energy from the charging station. The advantage of wireless charging is that by using the charging station, multiple devices can be charge at one go.

From a simple point of perspective, instead of using a cable to transmit energy direct to your device, you use the electromagnetism to transmit the energy into your device. The energy is sent through inductive coupling. An induction coil from the charger will create an electromagnetic field and the energy is transmitted to a second induction coil into your gadgets or devices and converts this energy into electrical current and in the same time the energy is kept in your battery until it is use.