How do Wireless CCTV Security Cameras Work (A Simple Explanation)

How wireless CCTV camera security works

Wireless security cameras nowadays have grown from a luxury security item that was normally purchased by commercial premises or high-end residential owners to now a common security item that is accessible to anyone. Everyone who has concerns on the security of their premises can now install a security camera that comes with various types, design and price.

The CCTV security camera also is now easily installed and does not need a technician to install it for you. Gone were the days where you need a technician or specialist to install a CCTV for your home. You can now easily purchase a CCTV security camera at e-commerce sites or retail store and install it by yourself. The CCTV system is also quite easy to understand and operate.

However, before buying your first wireless security camera, it is better than if we try to understand the mechanics and system behind a wireless CCTV. By understanding the elements of wireless CCTV security cameras, you would appreciate the workings of the CCTV system and would help to use it more efficiently.


  1. NO NEED TO HACK WALL – One of the advantages of a wireless CCTV is that you do not need to drill or hack anything to install the wires and cables. The transmission of data can be done using the wireless internet connection. The power outlet can also be from an internal battery. Therefore, you do not need to hack a wall to install a new power outlet near the CCTV. This removes any unnecessary works to get the CCTV to start working.
  2. LESS PRONE TO SABOTAGE – Another advantage is that people would not able to sabotage the camera by cutting the wires as there are no wires to be cut. If the source of power to the CCTV is by using an internal battery, it would be better protected even when there is power blackout in your home.
  3. EASY TO INSTALL – By removing the need to install wires, the installation of the wireless security cameras has become very easy. Anybody can buy the wireless CCTV camera off-the-shelf and immediately installed it anywhere in the house. There is no need to think of how you can lay-down the cable for the CCTV. You can also put the wireless CCTV in strategic places due to no wires or cable is required. 


The wireless CCTV works by the optical device component capturing the visual image in front of the camera and then transmitting it to a storage area. The storage area can be in your CCTV systems or it can also be recorded in a cloud storage setting. The transmission of the video can be either using a radio transmitter or using an Internet connection. A wireless CCTV would require power option and this power option can be either from the normal power outlet socket or from an internal battery.

Below are a picture diagram showing how a wireless CCTV works.

First Step

The CCTV wireless camera captures the video image

Second Step

The CCTV transmits the video image via radio frequency or wireless data to the internet router

Third Step

The Wi-Fi router then transmits the data live to your mobile phone. Normally, you would need to install a certain app that is related to that CCTV system to see the live feed.


Here are some of the wireless CCTV elements that you should know in understanding the system.


The visual capturing depends heavily on the video optical capability that ranges from 420p to 1080p and even 4K resolution. The higher the resolution the better for you as the CCTV can capture the details of the face of a person being caught by the camera.

Another factor you must consider in the CCTV is not just the video recording, but also the audio recording. Some CCTV only records the video without the audio. However, if you want to record the audio as well, the need for bigger storage capacity is also needed.


The storage capacity of the CCTV is the limit of video duration that can be saved in the SD card in your CCTV. Normally, an SD card in the CCTV will hold up to a 24 hours duration of video recording. However, higher video resolution such as 1080 pixel or 4K pixel will require much more storage capacity and therefore need a bigger SD card storage capacity.

The storage needed for your video depends also on the video compression technique used by your CCTV.  Some CCTV systems developer allows you to save the recording of your video in a cloud server. However, this would normally lead to a monthly fee for that cloud storage. 


This element is especially important if you intend to install the CCTV outside your home. This is due to the outdoor exposure that the CCTV will face such as raining, snow and other water elements that can damage your equipment if it is not waterproof. By having a waterproof feature, the lifecycle of your CCTV would be prolonged.


A good CCTV would be able to record not just when there is surrounding light but also in a pitch dark environment. This is where a good wireless CCTV would come in handy especially if you want to install the CCTV outside your house.  A good night vision capability would enable the CCTV to see 10 to 15 ft. away even with a pitch dark environment.


The function of the CCTV is to be recording non-stop. However, this would take a lot of power consumption as well as video file storage space. Therefore, certain wireless CCTV has the ability of only recording once a trigger has been activated. This trigger can be in the form of

Time Schedule – There is a CCTV system where you can set the schedule for it to start recording.

Motion Detection – To save the battery and storage space, some CCTV only starts recording when motion detection is triggered. This CCTV is good to place where there are supposed to be less or no movements. 


Another popular wireless CCTV features nowadays are the ability of remote viewing. The remote viewing is the ability to view your CCTV live recording via the internet anywhere in the world. This feature is extremely useful if you are out from your home and you want to see the condition of your house live. As long as your CCTV is connected to the internet and the power is on, you can view the CCTV live feed from your mobile phone or your laptop.


Traditional CCTV has only one way of communication. However, with the advent of bigger internet bandwidth, people can now use CCTV as a communication device from remote places. Therefore, with a wireless CCTV equipped with two-way audio capability, you can interact with a person that wants to enter your house even when you are at work or on vacation.

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So, there you have it – A complete guide on what is the wireless CCTV security cameras and how you can easily install it for your home. Please feel free to comment below on what are the advantages that you think the wireless CCTV security cameras have.

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