How do I print from my iPad?

print from ipad

The iPad is now being used by many working executives as part of their daily working gadgets. It has slowly replacing the laptop as one of the most convenient gadget to be used. One of the critical function that most of the laptop and PC has is the ability to print documents.

So, does iPad has the same ability of printing documents from its files to the printers. The question you would ask is how do you print from your iPad?

Luckily that Apple has thought of this demand and have introduced the AirPrint as a feature in the iPad. It is very convenient and friendly to use. For example, if you want to print a picture inside your photo gallery, just choose the picture and tap on the bottom left icon. Find the ‘Print’ icon and it will then show the printer options.

Once selected, it will then show the select printer option and how many copies that you want to print. Once you have set that, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Print’ button and your picture will be printed out. However, if your iPad says that there is no Airprint printer available, you will need to find an AirPrint printer connected in your network.

So, what is an Airprint? Airprint is a technology by Apple that helps you to print out any documents or pictures straight from your iPad, Macbook or iPhone without the need to install any drivers. There are many well-known brand that has already incorporated Airprint to their printer. Among the printers that has the Airprint capability is the HP Officejet Pro, Canon Pixma, Brother MFC and HP Officejet.

With Airprint, you can print your file from your iPad using wireless connection only. In order to connect your iPad to the printer, all you need to do is make sure that your iPad and the printer is connected using the same Wi-Fi network. If the network still do not detect either your iPad or printer, probably you need to restart devices again to make sure it is recognized inside the network first before printing.