First iPhone Release

first iphone release

iPhone was first introduced by Apple during the Macworld convention at 9 January 2007. Steve Jobs was credited as the person behind this revolutionary product and presented the iPhone as the next generation of smartphones. It was introduced as a device that combines the power of a computer and the ability of a cell phone added with a touchscreen capability.

It was touted as a device that would revolutionise the cell phone industry. On 29th June, 2007, the first iPhone was released and available for sale to the public in the United States. During that time, the iPhone was not sold without a contract in place.

Therefore, it was sold exclusively with AT&T in the United States and each iPhone was tied together with a data plan. It means that if you purchased an iPhone at that time, you are automatically subscribing to AT&T data plan that you need to pay every month. On November 9, 2007, the iPhone was then released to other parts of the world such as Europe, UK and also Germany.

The 3G technology at that time was about to pick up and the iPhone came at the right time to utilize the full power of the 3G in bringing internet data to your smartphones. The introduction of the iOS also gives developers a chance to market their apps into the Apple iPhone’s customer base and therefore created a whole new industry of app coders and programmers.

For other parts of the world such as in the Southeast Asia, the first iPhone release there was the iPhone 3G. In Singapore and Philippines, the first iPhone 3G was released to the public in August 2008.

The iPhone 3G also was subsequently introduced in Indonesia and Malaysia on March 20, 2009. In this market, initially the iPhone was sold bundle together with a contract. However, as the maturity of the 3G and also the network grew, the iPhone can be purchased without a contract.