Electronic Pick Pocketing and How You Can Prevent it

electronic pickpocketing wallet

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is not a new technology and has been in commercial use for the last ten years. RFID have now even been incorporated in bank cards and also passports since 2006. RFID technology basically uses the electromagnetic fields to transfer data between a receiver and a transmitter.

RFID tag basically transmit data to a RFID scanner and this application is being use widely to identify and also track items and also people. The RFID tag basically stored all the information needed and will either be in a passive mode or also active mode. This depends on the capability of the RFID tag.

Now, more than ever, some of the ATM and credit cards that you own has a wireless transaction capability that incorporates the RFID technology. Even passports are now being equipped with RFID. The objectives of this RFID chips are meant to create a seamless and less hassle transaction. The RFID can also store more data compared to the previous electromagnetic strip.

However, with the advantages of the RFID technology, it also comes with the disadvantages. Being wireless, the card or passport that contains RFID is now vulnerable to any cheap RFID scanner. A quick check at EBay, you will know that any person can buy a RFID scanner for a mere $10 dollars only. So, how you can prevent any stranger scanning your wallet and steal valuable data from your credit card or passport?

Fortunately, there are now many wallets that have the capability of blocking the RFID scanner. The wallet has a certain special fabric that block the reader of scanning any RFID card in your wallet. This RFID blocking wallet is quite affordable and can be bought in less than $30 at Amazon and also EBay. Another cheap way of securing your RFID credit card is by using aluminium foil. Aluminium foil works effectively by deflecting any electromagnetic waves that tries to scan your wallet for the RFID enabled credit card.