5 Tips How to reduce your iPhone Data Usage

5 Tips How to Reduce iPhone Data Usage

If you are using pre-paid plan for browsing the internet using your iPhone, you might be a bit conscious on the usage of your data as you are using your iPhone. This is because the longer you are using your iPhone, the greater the data using your iPhone is taking up. Luckily, you can actually monitor and reduce your iPhone data usage easily by disabling certain functions in your iPhone.

Here are 5 tips how you can substantially reduce the amount of data your iPhone is using


What is Background app refresh? It is a function that allows apps installed in your iPhone to update their content when on Wi-Fi or on a mobile network.

Turning this off will save your data usage as well as battery usage.

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings

Step 2
In the Settings, go to “General”

Step 3
In the General menu, tap the “Background App Refresh”

Step 4
In the menu, disable the Background App Refresh


The Automatic downloads function in iPhone allows any purchase that you make in the iTunes store to be automatically downloaded to all your Apple devices. By default, it will use your mobile data when it is automatically downloading. However, you can easily disable this through this step.

How to Disable iPhone Automatic Downloads

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings and tap the “iTunes & App Store”

Step 2
In the iTunes & App Store menu, disable the “Use Mobile Data”

By disabling this, it will avoid your iPhone to automatically download an app using your mobile data.


Another way to reduce the usage of your iPhone mobile data is to monitor the apps that used it the most. By knowing which apps that drain your data the most and disabling it, you can save a significant amount of mobile data.

Here are the steps

How to Disable iPhone apps from using mobile data

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings and tap the “Mobile Data”

Step 2

In the mobile data menu, scroll down and disable the apps that use the most data. You can see the actual data usage below the app’s icon there.


If you prefer browsing the iPhone using Wi-Fi connection, you will notice that sometimes the Wi-Fi connection can be bad at certain points. iPhone has a function where it can support the Wi-Fi connection by automatically tapping into your Mobile data. So, if you want to reduce the usage of mobile data for your iPhone, it is better that you disable the Wi-Fi assist function.

Here are the steps.

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings and tap the “Mobile Data”

Step 2
In the Mobile Data menu, disable the “Wi-Fi Assist”


However, if you choose to disable the entire iPhone mobile data access you also can. This will ensure that your iPhone will only use data when connected to a Wi-Fi with an internet connection only. Here are the steps how you can do that.

Step 1
In your iPhone, go to Settings and tap the “Mobile Data”

Step 2
Disable the Mobile data by tapping green button there

So, there you have it. 5 tips on how you can significantly reduce your iPhone data usage. Please leave us a comment on how you able to reduce your iPhone data usage. Check out also our previous article on how to make your iPhone battery to stay a bit longer.