5 Tips How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe and Secured

5 tips how to keep your gadget safe and secured

We are entering a golden age of digital era in which our daily life are shaped by the gadgets that we have. These gadgets have become critical in the daily function of our life and therefore it is also important that we keep it safe and secured if possible. The gadgets and smartphones hold more sensitive information about us now more than ever.

With the rise of e-commerce and e-banking, the more risk we have by not protecting our gadgets from hackers and also electronic criminals. We must take a considerable preventive measures to ensure our private information stored in our gadgets are safe and secured. Here we list down 5 tips on how to keep your gadget safe and secured.


Screen lock is basically the most basic feature in gadgets available in the market. It is like the first gateway or door to using your gadget or smartphone. Because of that, it is the first defence for the safety and security for your gadget.

To make more secure, use unique password for your screen lock. If you are an iPhone user, use the fingerprint touchscreen activation lock as it one of the most secured way you can protect your iPhone from unauthorized use.

For iPhone users, here are the steps to screen lock your phone if you have not activate it during your initial iPhone setup.

how to set passcode

Step 1
Open you iPhone settings

Step 2
Choose “Touch ID & Passcode”

how to set passcode in iphone

Step 3
Enable the “iPhone Unlock” using Touch ID for fingerprint. Enable also the “Passcode”. Insert your passcode number


People sometimes only realize the critical and private information that their smartphones or gadgets only after losing it. One safety tip is not to save the data in your smartphones or gadgets but instead save it into a cloud services.

Therefore if you lost your smartphones or gadgets, you can immediately disable the smartphones access to your cloud data information. So, whoever who stole your smartphone will only have a smartphone without any of your private and confidential information.


However, if you do lost your smartphones and gadgets but have certain private and confidential information in there, you still can remotely wipe the data using certain apps.

If you have an iPhone, the app “Find iPhone” is very useful to track your phone as well as remotely lock or wipe your phone clean so that your private information will not fall into the wrong hand.

Here are how you can use this app to do just that.

locate your iphone

Step 1
Login to your Apple account using other devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook)

Step 2
Open “Find iPhone” app. It will then show your iPhone location. It must be connected to the internet for the app to able to track the phone’s location

Step 3
Once located, you can choose either to play sound, erase iphone’s data or out it on lost mode

Read here also on how to find your iPad if you lost it here.


Another possible way someone can access the private and confidential information in your smartphones and gadget is through the app that you installed. Some of the app created is designed as a spyware and malware in which it can quietly obtain information from your smartphones even without you knowing it.

Therefore, you need to be very careful on what app that you installed in your gadgets and smartphones. Also, do not simply give permission for an app to access your address book or photos only if it is necessary.

If you are using an iPhone, here is how you can check if you have given access permissions to certain app and how you can disable it.

how to check app permission

Step 1
Go to your iPhone’s Settings

Step 2
In the Settings, scroll down and tap on any apps that you want to check the access permission

how to check iphone app permission

Step 3
See what are the automatic permission the App have over your iPhone. Disable the access to photos, camera or location to ensure security to your gadget. Do this only if does not affect the function of the App.


This tip might be the most frequent you have heard but it is the most effective way in securing your gadgets. We are now living in a digital era in which you will have many internet and social media account. All this account will require for you to have password.

tips for password security

How safe and confident that your password is kept at this external platform. There are many cases where established brands have reported of customers personal information have been stolen by hackers from their database.

This personal information also consists of your password to access this external platform. If you are using the same password for most of your gadgets or smartphones, you are putting your private information at risk. Therefore, it is important to have different password completely for your smartphones and gadgets.

Changing it frequently will also make it much harder for any attempt by hackers to break into your gadgets and smartphones. Also, do not use the same password across multiple sites. It might be convenient for you but it is also convenient to the hackers.