5 Things You Can Do with Your iPad

5 things you can do with your ipad
what is ipad

What does an iPad do? It is interesting to know that many people are not fully aware of the iPad full capability and what does this device can do to simplify your lifestyle. Read more here if you want to know who invented the iPad. The iPad weighs only at 1.5 pounds and have different sizes depends on which model that you are using. The normal iPad is 9.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide.

what i can do with ipad

Here are the top 5 things you can do with your iPad. Warning though, this article is only for iPad beginners only. To those who already have own an iPad for years now should be able to know what the iPad can do. So, here we go.

1.Downloading Apps
The secret weapon of Apple when they launched the iPhone way back in 2007 is the introduction of the iOS environment in which you can download apps from the Apple store. This allows your Apple device to do ranges of things depending on the apps that you downloaded. Because of that feature, the iPhone is not just another smart phone.

It comes with an environment that allows you to optimize and fully use your smart phone in a way that have never been used before. Depends on the innovativeness and creativity of the app developer, user can download apps that can enhance the users experience in using the iPhone and also iPad. You can also print from your iPad using Airprint or also download an app so that it is compatible with the printer.

2. Accessing the internet
The iPad provides a simple way to connect to the internet. Unlike a laptop in which you have the option to connect wireless or using cable, the iPad can only be connected to the internet through wireless connection only. It also have a slot for SIM card in which you can be connected to the internet using data plan or 3G/4G.

By using data plan, you need to register with a cell phone network operator that usually have a pre-paid or post-paid plan. The iPad gives you the mobility that is required for you to access the internet wherever you are. In the iPad you can already surf the internet by using the Safari or you can opt to download other app such as Mozilla.

3. Entertainment

The interesting difference between laptop and the iPad is that the iPad is design with entertainment in mind. Designed with a touchscreen, thin and light, it can do what a laptop could not. The iPad provides entertainment on-the-go in which you can download a movie or music from iTunes directly into the iPad and you can watch it everywhere you go.

The Apple A9X chip in the iPad provides the computer power for stunning graphic. This is not just good for gamers but also to watch movies in HD and images in high resolution. The games and entertainment app is not just confined to the pre-install in the iPad only.

You can browse through many other entertainment apps in the App store that can range from puzzles to role playing games. You can also buy added compatible hardware accessories such as speakers to enhance the entertainment experiences from the iPad.

4. Doing Office Works – Spreadsheet, Presentation Slide and Word Processing
If you think that you can only do spreadsheet works by laptop only and not iPad you might want to think again. The iPad is design for fun but it can also be used for serious spreadsheet work as well. If you are doing a lot of numbers and statistics, you can use the already installed ‘Numbers’ apps in your iPad. It is user friendly as well as powerful in crunching numbers. However, if you are familiar with Microsoft software such as Excel, you can download the ‘Microsoft Excel’ app as well for free in the Apple store.

You can also opt Google sheet’ that can also be downloaded for free. In the iPad also, you can develop and create presentation slide deck. The app you can use is the ‘Keynote’ that comes already installed in your iPad. If you want to use word processing, you can choose the ‘Pages’ app to create the report that you want. You can also print your files that you created to a printer direct from your iPad. Read more on this on how to print from your iPad.

Read books
If your hobby is to read books, the iPad is an excellent and powerful device for you to have an access to a wide selection of books online. You can also download e-books into your iPad to read at your convenience. The iPad slim design and also the lightweight gives the user of iPad the best experience in their reading pleasure.

In your iPad, the ‘iBook’ app is already there for you to use. You can also download the Kindle app for free in the Apple store. These apps allow you an instant access to almost any books available for free or paid.