3 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Wi-Fi

How to Speed Up Your Internet Wifi

If you have an internet wireless network or also known as Wi-Fi in your home, you might notice that your internet is not up to the promised speed. Sometimes, it is due to things out of control such as internet disruption. However, sometimes, if maybe due to your Wi-Fi router in which you have control. So, by making some adjustment, you can speed up your internet Wi-Fi.

However, before you start tweaking your Wi-Fi router, you need to check your current internet speed first. You can check out this site to know your internet speed

So, here are the top three ways how you can speed up your internet W-Fi


The wireless network operates based on signals received at your routers. However, this signal can be interfering with signals from your neighbours, therefore, cause a bit of data “traffic jam” for your Wireless Router.

Normally, your Wi-Fi router will be set at “Auto” so that the Wi-Fi will decide the best channel for your Wi-Fi. However, if your Wi-Fi router keeps on choosing a channel that is usually a bit of “jammed”, you might need to select the channel manually. 

Here are the steps on how you can manually change the router channel

speed up internet wifi

Step 1

Log into your Wi-Fi router using your web browser. Make sure you are using the same wireless network as your router. Depending on the type of your router, the IP address usually is set at

If you have not set your router password, the default password for your routes usually is printed on a label below your Wi-Fi Router.

speed up internet wifi

Step 2

Once you enter the router settings, Click at the router “Settings.”

speed up internet wifi

Step 3

At the settings, find and click at “Wireless.”

speed up internet wifi

Step 4

Fid the “Advanced Settings” and find the option for “Wi-Fi Channel”. The normal default for your router channel is set at “Auto”. However, you can change this to any number that is listed there. Try the number and see which channel that is not congested by testing your internet speed each time you set a channel.

Once done, save the settings and you set to go.


If you have to use your Wi-Fi router for some time, you may have many old devices that are still connected to your router and draining the internet bandwidth.

Alternatively, maybe, you have unknown devices that manage to “tap” into your wi-fi and use your internet network. You can know the tools that are log into your Wi-Fi router network and block them. Here are the steps.

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Step 1

Log into your Wi-Fi router as shown earlier

Step 2

Check all the connecting devices to your Wi-Fi router by tapping at “Connected Clients.”

Boost your internet wifi

Step 3

Look at the list for any unknown devices or old devices. Block them from accessing your Wi-Fi router


If all you do as shown above does not work, maybe it is time to replace your Wi-Fi router. You can check your Wi-Fi router model by looking at the label sticker below your Wi-Fi router.

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The latest Wi-Fi router (2019) should have a wireless specification of 802.11ac that supports dual-band of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If your Wi-Fi router only supports 2.4GHz, it means you have an old single band router. You need to upgrade that if you want a faster internet connection.


However, if all the suggestions given here does not improve your internet Wi-Fi speed significantly, it may sometimes occur due to the location of your Wi-Fi router. If you are using your laptop far from your Wi-Fi router, your internet connection may drop. The further you are from your Wi-Fi router, the lower the speed as your Wi-Fi signal needs to travel a bit. 

However, you can overcome this by using a powerline adapter. A powerline adapter will use the power line transmission of your home as a conduit to transmit the signal from your router to your laptop. Therefore, your internet speed will not drop even you are further from your Wi-Fi router.

So, there you have it — three ways how you can speed up your internet Wi-Fi significantly. Please leave us a comment on whether the tips we are given here works or not.

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