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When was TV invented?

when was tv invented

If you are talking about important gadget that affects your life, probably one of the most important gadget that many people take lightly nowadays is the TV. The invention of TV has made possible in the creation of an entire entertainment industry and it evolve to what it is now considered a billion dollar industry today. To appreciate this wonderful entertainment as well education gadget, we need to appreciate its history as well. To say exactly when the date the TV was created is quite hard as this invention was the works of many people way back in the 19th century leading to the early 20th century. However, the core technology of the first TV revolves around the invention of Cathode Ray Tube or CRT.

CRT is basically a vacuum tube that contains one or more electron guns and also coupled with a fluorescent screen. The electron guns when fired to the fluorescent screen will then create moving images. The invention of CRT can be trace way back in 1897 in which a German physicist, Ferdinand Braun experimented with a cold cathode diode or later also known as the Braun tube. This experimentation of the cathode ray tube becomes the foundation of the invention of the television in many years to come after that. In 1911, Boris Rosing and also Vladimir Zworykin then uses the Braun tube and experimented it with a mechanical mirror-drum scanner to transmit images. As the innovation of the cathode ray tube improves, other inventors’ starts to improve and innovate on this. Modern TV however will always be related to the Scottish inventor by the name of John Logie Baird. In 1925, Baird made the first public demonstration of televised images in motion by employing a Nipkow disk into his video system. In the US, it is not until 1927, the first working electronic television was first demonstrated to the public by an inventor, Philo Taylor Farnsworth. The working electronic television was demonstrated in San Francisco. Philo Taylor Farnsworth was the first inventor that display the full functional and complete electronic television system that then lay birth to the entertainment industry in the United States. However, it took many years for the TV to become a household item in the US. Before 1947, only a few homes can afford the TV due to the expensive cost of owning a TV set. However, as the cost of a TV set decreases, more and more homes can afford the TV set and now some homes own even have more than two TV sets.

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